Fans are eager to find out the fates of their favorite characters following the tragic season four conclusion in April 2020.

A teaser was released by Netflix and revealed a key plot twist. This foreshadowed the main theme of Money Heist Season 5. The dramatic teaser was packed with information about the Robbers and what they may face in Season 5.

They were seen preparing for a big fight while being attacked by the army. The group quietly bids their fellows goodbye, knowing full well that a struggle for survival would almost certainly bring about death or imprisonment.

Nairobi, a beloved character, was tragically murdered by captive Cesar Ganda (Jose Manuel Poga) in season four, as was predicted. She was not only brutally murdered by other gang members, but many people were also affected, as shown by social media posts.

Money Heist Season 5 Spoilers

However, many fans believe that the team will be able to achieve freedom. A brief glimpse of the teaser showed they could overthrow an oppressive regime. The aerial shot showed an old case with antique artifacts. Since the unnamed hand was covered in gloves, it seemed that this was a valuable image.

This could be a pivotal plot point in the show and a significant departure from the original idea. Alvaro Morte (the Professor) initially recruited eight individuals to execute his plot to steal Spain’s Royal Mint. His father died before he could carry out the criminal deed. He motivated him to rob the Royal Mint of Spain.

Fans don’t need to wait too long to catch season 5, and they can see if this hypothesis turns out to be true. Money Heist Part 5: Volume 1 will be available on Netflix on September 3rd. Volume 2 is due to be available on December 3rd.