Tom Cruise takes the safety of his shoots very seriously and is willing to use his claws if necessary. The actor is fully involved in the recording of Mission: Impossible 7 and, according to The Sun, he has become really furious when he discovered two members of his team breaking the anti-COVID protocol. Cruise saw two people who did not respect the social distance, which caused him to explode.

The reason for his reaction is that the new installment of the Ethan Hunt franchise has been taken as an example in Hollywood to be able to continue filming in the middle of the pandemic. Many look at their protocol and organization with the hope to continue working safely. And that is something the actor does not take as a joke.

“I want the best. In Hollywood, they’ve made movies again thanks to us. Because they believe in us and what we do. I’m on the phone with every fucking studio at night, insurance companies, producers … And they watch us and They use us to make films. We are creating thousands of jobs. I never want to see it again. If not, you are fired. If I see you do it again, you are fired, “Cruise shouted according to a transcript of a video collected in The Sun.

The actor really got angry when he saw the members breaking the safety distance and started his speech somewhat angrily; however, he relaxed as he continued to speak. His anger is totally understandable considering that the recording has been forced to stop on several occasions. The first, when the global lockdown began last March. Months later, 12 team members tested positive for COVID, so they had to stop again. These delays must cost the studio a fortune, and Cruise is unwilling to see production go further.