• Earlier we had shortlisted one of the 5 best Skyblock servers for Minecraft, as Skyblock map is popular amongst Minecraft users.
  • Now, we have shortlisted the 5 best unique servers for Minecraft in 2020.

Minecraft game today completed 11 years since it’s release. It’s somewhat now regrettably expected among players that some servers may, unfortunately, from time to time, look similar and possibly even uninspired.

Minecraft did not provide much customization on their servers, this led to people lacks enough unique custom plugins on their Minecraft servers. These custom servers provide users no boundations, as they face on Minecraft servers, this could result in the feeling of ”Deja vu” while trying out several Minecraft servers now out there.

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However, the blocky world of Minecraft is vast, and there are dozens and dozens of unique and custom developed servers offering gamers a fun-filled, quirky experience. The servers on this list are unique and unique due to the precise attention to details that are small, innovative gameplay mechanics, and tailor-made server-side plugins.


Minecraft 2b2t server

2B2T is a Minecraft anarchy host with zero rules; the host is somewhat humorously described as:

“the earliest anarchy host in Minecraft”

Anything goes on 2b2t, Players are free to do whatever they want. The server itself is a good example of a social experiment of its finest; to let countless players do whatever they want without any constraints and see what happens.

The history and memes with this particular server indeed can not be understated; the exceptionally active subreddit community with 143,000 members speaks for itself.

The 2b2t Minecraft server is also famous for its multitude of huge content founders promoting the host, for example, Salc1 and FitMC.



Minecraft McBall server

MCBall is a Minecraft server that takes the radically fun game of paintball and implements it into a host for players to enjoy on-demand, each time they want.

All of the maps on the MCBall server are hand-built, the paintball plugin that the host uses is also developed in house by the team, resulting in one of a single experience not found everywhere. Players can choose to play paintball solo or with friends at their discretion.


3.The Mining Dead

Minecraft The Mining Dead server

The Mining Dead is a sport-style developed with a Minecraft server named HavocMC, and the premise of this game is interesting. With gamers being dropped into a world filled with zombies, their goal is not simply to survive but actually thrive.

The Mining Dead Minecraft server, gameplay-wise, results in a unique mixture of significant PvP and PvE elements through the execution of habit and specially-developed server features, such as firearms, base customization, and distribution drops.


4.Imageneering Fun

Minecraft Imageneering Fun server

The Imageneering Fun host is a wholly new idea into the world of Minecraft servers. It was constructed to be a symbol of real-life Disney theme parks as closely as possible over the blocky world of the game.

The server features everything players may expect to find in a Disney resort. Including completely custom-built and scale-accurate Disney rollercoaster rides (that players may, of course, ride), park games, and even dedicated park ”tour guides” to reveal new players around.

Concerning original thoughts for Minecraft servers, Imageneering takes the cake. It’s not at all surprising the server has hundreds of players daily enjoying the digital park.


5.MC Prison

Minecraft MC Prison server

MC Prison is a good illustration of what a Minecraft server should try to be. Throughout its remarkable six-year uptime, the server was gradually refined and optimized to reach its present state.

MC Prison boasts a trusted team of programmers working tirelessly to implement outstanding, exceptional, and innovative features daily. A fascinating and unique mechanic worth mentioning on the MC Prison Minecraft machine involves a vast selection of casino-based games playable with in-game money.

The most important thing is that MC Prison is a complete joy of a Minecraft server to play, enormously standing out from its fellow prison server peers.