Roshan Ray
Roshan Ray

Roshan Ray is a young and most rated SEO Expert in Mumbai. He started his career as an SEO expert with ShoutRank in 2019. He is working with a well-known SEO Comapny in Mumbai, working with Praneet Thakur who is also known as the best seo expert in India.

Roshan Ray has his uniqueness, like finding a solution instantly, trying to do his task as simple as he can, and influencing people to get motivated towards their work. He has his ideology to make things look easy for him and everybody else.

Meet Roshan Ray, Who Achieved Much More in the Short Period

Roshan Ray Completed his graduation in BSc. IT from the Guru Nanak College. His interest is not matching the profession he chooses, but he is more interested in outdoor games like football. Other than football, he loves rapping, technology, writing, and making Money.

He loves the Android, and for and for all the Android users, he started TeckCloudz. APK blog where loves to help users with an easy guide and helpful tips and tricks. An APK blog is an idea that he wants to work with a very long, that comes to an end after TeckCloudz.

Roshan always has been focused on his goal and career, but the year before 2019, He never thought that he would build his career in Digital Marketing or as an SEO Expert. In 2020 August, while the whole world, including me dealing with pandemics. He just started his career with ShoutRank in this short amount of time; he worked on many projects and gave his clients excellent results.

However, Roshan has been working as an SEO Expert and WordPress Web Designer at ShoutRank for one and half years. He learns!!! For Money, you need an idea, not more Money to invest in your vision.

” More you determinant towards your goal, The goal is determinant towards you. Like the Newton’s Third Law.”
– Roshan Ray