McDonalds App Not Working (August 2021) | Here Is How to Fix It!


It is really sad if you are experiencing the issue such as McDonalds App Not Working. When you’re starving and craving junk food, there’s nothing better than a meal with classic salted fries and a somewhat juicy burger to munch on. And not having to decide to get into a car and drive down a long road to buy it is even better. This is what food delivery apps aim to deliver, but McDonald’s decided to take their deliveries into their own hands and launch an app where you can scroll through the menu and order directly from the fast-food chain!

McDonalds App Not Working

We, at BlogOfGadgets, think the development of a personalized app is a great tactic to stop people from ordering from different food joints using a standard food delivery platform. But sometimes, we hear people complain about the McDonald’s app not working, so we’ve noted down why this might happen and how to solve it. 

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McDonalds App Not Working 2021 | Fix for iPhone and Android

The McDonald’s app is the easiest way to order food from the joint. It’s got an intelligent user interface, displayed and segregated menu, and a somewhat accurate representation of how the food looks via pictures in-app. But despite the usefulness of the app, users noticed that they experience a range of problems that include the ones listed below.

mcdonalds app not working

The commonly observed issues are:

  • McDonald’s app not opening
  • McDonald’s app card not added error
  • McDonald’s app QR code not working
  • Your app freezes and is not responsive to controls  
  • McDonald’s App not finding the location
  • McDonald’s app not working after jailbreak
  • McDonald’s app supplied verification code not working
  • McDonald app rewards are not visible 

All these issues have five main reasons behind them, and we’ll tell you how you can solve all of these without breaking a sweat! 

Is McDonald’s App Unable to Connect?

Like most applications available for use, the McDonalds app also requires an active internet connection for you to place orders and pay the bill amount via online payment methods. If your McDonalds menu is not loading, or you can’t see pictures and names of your food on your screen, there’s a high chance that it’s your internet. The best way to test this would be switching from WiFi to data or vice versa or doing a quick speed test online from here: link. All you need to do is tap on the go, and you can see what MBPS your internet is running at.

Have You Checked Your Phone For Malware?

Whenever you download third-party apps or jailbreak/root your iPhone or Android, there’s always a risk of you downloading malware or a corrupted file instead of what you intended. This can lead to trouble with other apps downloaded and create a wave of problems for all the applications and data on your phone. You can fix these two ways: one is by downloading apps that detect viruses on your device. Clean Master is a great option to clear out junk stores on your mobile! Alternatively, you can try clearing your cache and hope the bug is taken out.

mcdonalds app not working comments

Steps to clear app cache:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Apps.’
  • Scroll till you see the McDonald’s application in the list
  • Click on the McDonalds icon to see details and choose the ‘Clear Cache’ and ‘Clear Data’ options

Note: If you’ve recently jailbroken your phone, users on Reddit noticed that uninstalling and reinstalling the app helps solve any problems you might be facing with the McDonald’s app not working.

mcdonalds app not working

Update Your Food App | How to Update McDonald’s App?

Every time a new update for an app is launched, you should install it. Otherwise, you’ll experience a slowed-down application. Moreover, most updates are for bug fixes and improvements to existing features. So, if your problem is related to that, it can be rectified by installing the latest version from the AppStore or PlayStore.

Steps to update your McDonalds app:

  • Open your Google PlayStore or AppStore from the device on which you wish to update the app.
  • Then, enter ‘McDonalds App’ into the search engine and tap on the familiar logo.
  • Tap on ‘Update’ in PlayStore or the cloud button for AppStore and restart your application after the download is finished 

McDonald App Functions Better Under Full Permissions? 

Features like QR code scanners and location services require you to give the application permission beforehand so that they can collect your data or use your camera. Besides, granting all permissions the first time you use the app is a safe method to ensure that you don’t encounter any problems. Further, if you accidentally blocked permissions, you can enable them via ‘Settings’ on your phone.

mcdonalds app not working

Steps to grant permissions:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Privacy.’
  • Then, tap on the McDonald’s app 
  • Next, turn the toggle on for ‘Camera’ and ‘Locations.’ 

Note: If the camera on your phone doesn’t work, you won’t be able to use the QR code feature. 

McDonald’s Alternatives

On the off chance that the McDonald’s app is under maintenance or server problems. You can also choose to order food from applications like Doordash or UberEats. They are both trustworthy food delivery apps that host the McDonalds menu on them. Furthermore, you can test whether the app is down for maintenance from here: click on this 

mcdonalds app misbehaving


Why Are My McDonald’s App Coupons Not Working?

McDonald’s coupons have expiry dates assigned to them. Moreover, If the date for using them has passed, you will be able to redeem them.

Why Is McDonald’s App Employee Discount Not Working?

Not all McDonalds offers an employee discount, so you might have to check whether the location you’re ordering from does. Also, if you’ve created a new login on the app, it takes upto 24 hours to register!

McDonald's App Not Working 2021 | Fix for iPhone and Android

Closure | McDonalds App Not Working

The next time you’re hungry and frustrated that the McDonald’s app is not working. Use these methods listed in this article to quickly get yourself a Happy Meal. 

If you have any questions regarding the query “McDonalds App Not Working” or how to navigate. Feel free to ask away in the comment section. And we will get back to you soon.