There are many reasons why it is not only possible but also necessary to use automatic marketing. First of all, it can increase the efficiency of using time. Thus, with the help of automation in marketing, you can achieve the development of a bigger number of companies in less time. This is especially important when it comes to dozens and hundreds of campaigns. This is also true in terms of working with clients, for example by means of free bulk email verifier.

Also, marketing automation makes it easier for entrepreneurs to prioritize. They can more easily decide which clients to include in the company and which not, especially by using a common database when managing multiple campaigns.

Another reason is data consolidation: automatic marketing allows you to receive timely reliable data through various channels, both online and offline, in the right place and at the right time. This is possible due to the implementation of the following processes: information adding, deduplication, standardization, cleanup.

And the final 4th reason is the flexibility of campaigns. Thanks to automatic marketing, you will always have relevant and reliable information ready for analytics. And this is all better than relying on intuition.

What is the Marketing Automation Definition?

After it becomes clear where you can use automatic marketing technology, it’s time to figure out what it is in practice and how it can help you to increase sales.

So, automatic marketing is the use of special software to simplify and automate marketing processes. As a result, it increases not only the effectiveness of the company’s strategy but also saves labor and time resources.

With the help of automated marketing platforms, you can trigger automatic messaging through different communication channels, for example, email, SMS, instant messengers, social networks, and so on.

Marketing Processes to Automate

Once you’ve decided to automate your marketing processes, you need to focus on your business goals. This is important because the effect can only be achieved with properly configured workflows.


This is the first point marketers should include in the automation process. Modern business has long ago moved away from the strategy when they simply send messages to customers. As a result of using marketing automation platforms, entrepreneurs have a big picture of ​​whether customers opened their emails, clicked on the attached link, did the targeted action, and so on. Thus, you have enough analytical information to correct the business strategy.

Advertising Campaigns

With the help of automated marketing software, you can launch targeted digital ads on different platforms. This method is universal and is suitable both for contextual advertising in one of the search engines and for advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks. In addition to this, you can use retargeting to help interest prospects or remind individuals of the products they viewed on your web resource. After that, they are more likely to visit your website again and make a purchase for a product or service you offer.

Social Media Posts

Due to a large number of users, social network ks are operating like aggregators of potential customers. Therefore, it is very important to stay in touch on social media in all circumstances. Each new post you create has the potential to attract customers, but it is too long and tiring to do it manually. Especially if you have several communication channels or a large amount of information that needs to be posted. With marketing automation software, you can do it faster. Plus, you have the ability to schedule individual posts at different times.

Mobile Marketing

The number of mobile users is growing. So, according to statistics for 2021, there are more than 5 billion active smartphone users in the world. Given this, the relevance of mobile marketing is difficult to overestimate. Speaking about this type of automation tool, first of all, you need to configure Push, which is a simple communication channel with customers. It also helps to significantly save money on SMS mailing.

With the help of mobile automation, you can also track and save information about the actions of your clients on their devices. This will help you further optimize your business strategy, change the targeting of your audience, and make your messages more individual.

Keep in mind, that even the best marketing automation software will not help if you do not have a clear vision about ​​the algorithm of actions:

1. Defining goals

It is necessary to mark the questions about what and how you can manage them in your business strategy. After that, you need to understand the amount of money you are willing to allocate for this.

2. Study the audience

You have to create the image of your leads and understand what they need.

3. Determining your customer path

You need to have an idea of ​​all the steps your clients take to achieve their goal, which steps you can automate, and create content that can work for each of these steps.