Manifest There is a possibility that season 4 will be aired on NBC and Netflix. The paranormal drama began in 2018, and viewers were plunged into the intriguing mystery of Flight 828. Manifest After a relatively ordinary flight, passengers arrive in New York and discover they have been missing for five consecutive years. The series received strong ratings, which helped it get various renewals. Manifest 3 Just aired this spring and left many cliffhangers behind. The show was canceled by NBC a day later due to a decrease in viewership.

Fans rallied to save Manifest using hashtags on social media, as has been the norm for shows that have been canceled without warning. The series was then resold to various streaming services with Netflix emerging as the main contender. The hope for a Manifest renewed show ended after just one week. However, Netflix has since dropped the series. Jeff Rake, the series creator at the time, promised to provide closure for fans, even if that took years. It took the form of a Manifest Movie. He might not have so much time to wait now.

Deadline claims that the powers that be are now looking at Manifest from a different angle. Netflix has also been in talks with the studio. They are said to be gaining momentum. In the case of the former, the canceled Good Girls pilot and the passing on Law & Order: For the Defense pilot have resulted in NBC opening up spots in the fall schedule and budget. This may open the way for Manifest’s return.

Since the debut of the first season on Netflix’s streaming service, it has been a significant performer. Manifest nearly beat the record for longest time spent at #1 on Netflix’s daily top 10 lists, and it recently debuted to huge numbers on Nielsen’s streaming chart. The international distribution aspect of a Netflix deal is complicated. It has been done with Lucifer before, so there is hope that an agreement can be reached.

This news will give hope to the manifest the show’s loyal fans have been there for weeks after its cancellation. Although a canceled program can experience a revival like this, it isn’t as common as people would like. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a revival. The Manifest is certain to be back positive signs are that there have been renewed discussions on two fronts. Fans have not given up, and those responsible are starting to notice. The time will tell if these efforts pay off.