TVLine reports that just weeks after NBC canceled the sci-fi drama after three seasons of broadcast, TVLine confirms that Warner Bros. Television and the network have resumed discussions about a possible Season 4.

Deadline also reports that Netflix is participating in renewal talks. This could signal a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Will There Be A Season 4 Of Manifest?

Manifest has been canceled following three seasons. It was announced in June 2021 following the final episode of season 3.

Deadline reported that Netflix and NBC were back in negotiations with Warner Bros. TV as of July 20, according a Deadline report.

If NBC cannot get the job done, Netflix could be on its way to save Manifest.

This is a significant development since Netflix had been in discussions to save Manifest and renew it for season 4. But, another Deadline report stated that Manifest season 4 wouldn’t happen at Netflix. But creator Jeff Rake, and the cast, aren’t quitting the series. We don’t know whether there have been any developments in negotiations for a series finale/movie.

Manifest Season 4 Episode Count?

Manifest season four would likely consist of 13 episodes if it were to be renewed for another series. Now we are looking at anything from one or two additional episodes to a full-season order (if there is a streamer that saves the series).

We’re still not sure what’s next. However, there is no official plan for Manifest to be made any further.

When Is Manifest Season 4 Filming?

If Manifest has been renewed for season 4, production should begin sometime this summer to align the show with a fall 2021 release.

The season can be extended to midseason. This would mean that production must begin immediately. You have a little more time to film the new episodes.

We’ll share any information that we have about manifest season 4 production.

When Will Manifest Season 4 Premiere?

It is now impossible to see a premiere date for the show, as it has been canceled. We expect that the final movie would not be released in 2020, even if the manifest is saved. To release it, we’d need to wait at least until 2022.

Manifest Season 4 Release Date On Netflix?

If Netflix decided to save the series by ordering a fourth season Season 4 will likely not be available until 2021. Spring 2022 is the earliest season we would see on Netflix.

This speculation is based only on the idea that Netflix may be trying to surprise viewers by giving them two seasons of the series as a surprise after the final season.

We believe that Netflix will reconsider dropping manifest. Given the popularity of the series, you would think it would be a good decision. However, there could be financial issues that don’t align with the financials. We don’t know what the future holds.

Manifest Season 4 is likely to be added on Netflix sometime in 2022, or 2023 depending on whether NBC saves Manifest.