We had not heard from Manifest that they were returning for Season 4, so it was very doubtful. The news that Netflix had refused to support Flight 828 broke hearts around a year ago. NBC was unable to find a new home after the cancellation of Manifest. After NBC had ended the series, Netflix took over.

After Netflix pulled out, it was believed that only a miracle could save the show. It’s safe for us to say that such a miracle happened. We are grateful for the tremendous fan support. You can’t ask for the show to return after that last episode. This season will see our favorite flight return to thrill us with more mystery.

Jeff Rake is the creator of Manifest, a well-known supernatural TV series. The first season premiered on NBC in September 2018 and was broadcast live. The story centers around Flight 828, an airliner commercial that disappeared for five years. After all its passengers died, the mysterious crew and passengers appear to have resurfaced.

Athena Karkanis; Parveen Kalur; Holly Taylor; Matt Long; Jack Messina; J.R. Ramirez and Josh Dallas are the cast members. The first 16 episodes were broadcast, and the third season aired on April 1. Last June, the series had been “canceled.”

Manifest: The Plot

A normal plane flight from Jamaica takes a dark turn. Montego Air Flight 928 experiences severe turbulence during its flight from Jamaica, New York. They land safely. Robert Vance the director at the NSA informs all 191 passengers as well as the crew that they were missing for the past one and a half years.

Thus, the passengers were presumed dead. The passengers tried to re-acclimatize and get back to normal life with their loved one. The journey is no longer the same. Additionally, they begin hearing voices and visions of the future, which are called “callings”.

Manifest Season 3: How Did It End?

This is going to be a big spoiler for those who haven’t yet had the chance to watch the last season. So you can skip this section! For those who did see it and need to refresh their memory, keep reading! Season 3’s last episode starts with Michael in the middle of a call. She saw blood inside flight 828 in her vision.

This is her understanding that it is a way to say that someone among the passengers is likely to be injured soon. Ben arrives at Eureka’s headquarters, however, and goes in to stop the NSA from furthering their tailfin research. Vance and Ben plotted to steal the tailfin. Grace, Olive, and Cal then try to look through Cal’s drawings to find clues. Cal had vanished after touching and handling the tailfin.

Angelina’s Truth:

After seeing and recognizing the constellation that reminded her, Dr. Gupta permitted them to take away the tailfin. Eagan claimed that the Stones had been the traitors and incited all the passengers. Eagan, one passenger, and Vance are holding Vance’s son captive. Michaela saw another call about Adrian and concluded that he was linked. Her calling brought her to Vance’s, where she was accompanied by Zeke Drea and Jared.

Eagan was finally caught. Jared found out that Saanvi killed the Major, and that Michaela knew. Saanvi, who saved Ben and helped put the tailfin on the Ocean, was able to redeem herself. Cal didn’t come back but it did bring her back to her sense of calling. Saanvi believes that someone is still at risk and should return home immediately. Angelina, now a religious fanatic, is inspired by Adrian to return to her guardian angel the baby Eden. Angelina then kidnaps Eden and stabs Grace.

Cal returns as an adult. While holding his mother’s dying body, Cal reveals that it is all in his head. The show is over when Captain Bill Daly returns from the cockpit to take control of Flight 828.

Manifest Season 4: When Will It Be Released?

Even though there is no official release date for Manifest Season 4, it seems safe to assume it will be back! According to Entertainment Weekly, the creator Jeff Rake was inclining towards a movie rather than Season 4 of Manifest. He also stated that he was expecting 6 seasons. But, now that the future is uncertain, he’ll take what he can get. It was nearly a month since his interview where he lamented about the future direction of Manifest.

One could say that NBC is having a change of heart. The fact that the show remains on the Top 10 Netflix’s Top Shows could be a major reason for this. Fans also responded to SaveManifest by trending the hashtag on Twitter. NBC is rethinking its previous decisions after things changed fast at the network. Good Girls was canceled.

Law & Order: For the Defence was also canceled. With all the money and resources available, there is more chance for a Manifest revival. People want Manifest to be just like Brooklyn 99 and Lucifer. Rake hinted in a tweet at the possibility.

We do not know the exact timetable, but it is very disappointing. However, if the project is picked up now the timeline will likely resume as it was intended. Although we are confident about Manifest Season 4 at 90%, our current feelings are similar: