Being among this series which has slowly come to be a fan-favorite, Manifest’s season 3 finale aired on NBC and many are keen to know whether a fourth season will be commissioned or if NBC will choose to cancel the series as they have already done with displays like Debris and Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist.

Manifest follows the passengers of a trip from Jamaica which confronted turbulence before landing in New York City, where they realized over five seasons had passed as they set off for the journey.

A group of passengers try to reintegrate themselves into society, however, they encounter odd voices and dreams of events that have yet to occur, with their lifestyles not the same anymore.

Has NBC Cancelled Manifest?

There has been no update on if the show was canceled or renewed yet. The positive news for fans is that Netflix has only released the first two seasons, with the series climbing into the Netflix top 10.

Are There Talks About Renewing The Series?

Warner Bros. Television Group chairman Channing Dungey lately emphasized that the company is still in discussions with TV executive Susan Rovner within the long run of the series.

“We are having conversations with Susan,” Dungey told Deadline in May. “We’d love for the series to continue on NBC.

“We are still in conversations with NBC and keeping our fingers crossed.”

When Will Manifest Season Three Will Be Available On Netflix?

It has not yet been known when Netflix will broadcast the next period of Manifest. The popular platform introduced the first two seasons of the series on precisely the exact same day NBC dropped the finale of the next season.

Where Is Manifest Season Three Available To Watch?

For now, the third season of this series is available on Hulu,, and Peacock.