Manifest was the most-watched Netflix show during the summer of 2021. The Netflix first two seasons were added to this NBC drama just before season 3’s finale aired.

It was a surprise release for Netflix, and everyone was shocked when it went live on the streaming site. NBC quickly canceled Manifest. Manifest season four is not going to happen.

Fans were optimistic that Netflix would save Manifest and revive the TV series for season 4. The show’s success has made Netflix the preferred streaming service for Manifest-lovers. It would make complete sense if Netflix bought Manifest Season 4!

But things are not as simple as they seem.

Will Netflix Save Manifest?

Netflix rejected Manifest season 4’s request to acquire it recently.

There is still a campaign to save Manifest. Creator Jeff Rake, the cast, and crew are active on social networking while the show’s being marketed to other networks. One would assume that Netflix’s success would lead to someone purchasing the show. That’s the hope anyway!

There is still hope that someone (including Netflix) will save. Even though we know Netflix has said it won’t save the show now, Netflix changed its mind after canceling shows and ending them.

There are rumors that a Manifest movie may be in development. Netflix would be interested in a Manifest film to finish the series. This is an assumption.

Manifest season 3, which will air on Netflix, is expected to be released within the next year. Something may happen in the next few weeks to prepare for the series finale film. Stay tuned!

When Is Manifest Season 4 Coming Out?

Manifest Season 4 will not be coming to NBC. That effectively rules out the 2021 release. Netflix cannot save Manifest and order a Manifest movie for a 2021 release.

It is much more likely to see a new Netflix season or movie in 2022.

It appears that is not on the horizon. There are plans to save. Maybe there’s something else in the background to put an end to this series. It won’t end like that!