With Sergio Ramos within the stands and therefore the limbo of an uncertain future, Madrid falls into the region left by the captain within the area. The noise of the VAR, present again within the defeat against Levante, is merely just like the fog, it’s better to not be distracted.

Madrid wonders how tomorrow is often without the cacique, but the answers that the ball returns don’t reassure him. They disturb him. Florentino doesn’t respond during a time during which everything cares.

Ramos’s shadow weighs down Militao’s ankles and he discovers that Varane carries a saber but not a sword. there’s no Madrid that’s remembered without a sword, nor a League which will be fought without defense. Atletico has it.

Militao was defeated by fear without eagerness to, even without the desire to touch Sergio Leon. His body did it and left, sunk, and VAR through when the sport had barely started. Another one began, different and torturous for Madrid, despite getting ahead on the scoreboard. His problems were always within the same place.

Zidane, though Bettoni’s hand, had also decided Odriozola’s return to the proper during a line where problems accumulate. At first, he had shared indecision with Courtois. a nasty omen for Madrid.

The action of the expulsion of Militao also forced Madrid to try to do the same: run backward. A send to space for Sergio Leon found the Brazilian at an obstacle, thanks to his poor measurement. The Levante striker, skillful, crossed the front in his career and therefore the single contact brought him to the bottom.

In inferiority, Bettoni saved the changes for later and sent Casemiro in relief work to the defense. Without the ball, he was central. within the offensive phase, he joined the attack. He was a titan, the sole one who sustained his own, but the team needs him elsewhere. The recomposition forced Asensio and Hazard to defensive efforts on the wings.

The Belgian isn’t won’t to it. Hazard entered the sport with a hopeful change of pace to yield to Benzema and cause the Levante goalkeeper to prevent, but playing numerous minutes without the ball took him out of the dynamics he needs. the middle that caused Morales to tie was soft. He was the primary substituted, in his line.

Strange because it could seem to twiddle with one less footballer could cause an honest change of intentions for Madrid by giving initiative to Levante and waiting to be projected against in spaces. At the primary, he struck out. After a Levante attack, Kroos gave Asensio a magical pass with the surface.

The Spaniard did what he knows the way to do, he drove, reached the world, and crossed the ball into the internet. within the action, Asensio showed the facets of his powers: physical exuberance and technical subtlety. At the start of the play, however, there could are a foul in Mendy’s area on Melero, by jumping with an open elbow and hitting the Levante footballer. The VAR didn’t estimate it.

Had he done so, it might are a penalty. There are many changes of judgment regarding these actions, but sense says that a maximum penalty should merit more clarity.


The goal delved into a positive situation for the whites, but Madrid didn’t skills to require advantage of it, from more to less Hazard and Benzema off. Odriozola’s riding, which runs better than he just finished, and Asensio’s attempts weren’t enough.

Levante also prefers the counterattack, but they knew the way to progress, reach the world with many of us and begin within the good hands of Courtois, better under the sticks than on excursions faraway from their line.

A double stop to Roger stopped Levante’s first attempts, although the Belgian goalkeeper had the simplest future for the wall. The tie was actually thanks to the trail of the sport and corresponded to Commander Morales, infallible within the hit, technically impeccable.

Madrid needed to vary things, not necessarily men, but Bettoni had no choice but to simply accept reality and withdraw Hazard to enter Vinicius. The Brazilian, perhaps over-excited by the insecurities of his substitution, wanted to try to do what he doesn’t know, and defended Clerc to the limit, on the road of your area.

Media Jimenez saw him outside the VAR, inside. it had been the second of the corrections to the referee and both bad for Madrid. The action was fine, fine, difficult to understand, but the controversy that was coming was watered by Courtois’s hand, exalted ahead of Roger. it had been not enough because this forward always calls twice.

Almost from an equivalent place, but on the move, he finally achieved what he insisted on to condemn Madrid, lost within the field and on the bench, from where they desperately tried to seek out a draw without those that have it the foremost, Benzema and Asensio, for bad that it had been the day of the primary.

He also owns it and wasn’t within the field, has other things that Madrid needs. A time of selections is coming, with sporting and economic urgencies. Bad business.