Lupin Season 3

After the completion of two seasons, Netflix removed the Lupin series. Netflix released its first season on 8th Jan 2021 and the second season on 11th Jun 2021. It was very popular and quickly became the most-watched non-English series on Netflix.

Netflix announced that it will renew the series. Season 3 was highly anticipated by fans. Omar Sy, Omar Sy’s main actor on the show, also confirmed via Twitter that part 3 would be returning to Netflix.

The show has been renewed. Everyone expects the third season by the end of 2021. Let’s get more information about Lupin’s Season 3 Release.

Lupin season 3 release date: When will it air?

The first installment arrived in January. The second came on June 11. The best-case scenario would be for the next set of episodes to arrive in mid-2022 unless they secretly recorded the entire thing. In that case, we could be looking forward to another January premiere.

Lupin Season 3

Plot Speculations for Season 3 of the show:

Season Three’s storyline was not revealed. However, it is expected to closely follow the anime and manga series.

New female characters are expected to debut in the new series, including Inspector Zenigata’s child. The young lady will act as an assistant to Lupin (Suga) or Fujiko Mine. Her father won’t be able to catch up with her until the end, which means that she’ll have to do some serious explaining. He’ll be shocked when he finds out!

Lupin season three cast: Who will star?

In February, Kana Kurashina was confirmed to be joining Lupin III Part IV as Mine Fujiko.

Lupin III: Part IV cast: Who were these new star actors in Lupin III?

February saw the confirmation that Kana Kurashina, an actress, would be joining Lupin III Part IV. She will be playing Sophia in a brand new role. Sophia was introduced in the first episode of the series as an elegant maid.

Part IV, Lupin III, includes Kiyoshi Asumi (Lupin), Junichi Ishiguro (Jigen), HirokiTochi (Goemon), Shinichiro Yamada (Fujiko).