Is there anyone who can stop Lupin-mania from happening? Nobody, not even clever conjurers. It’s been almost a month since the first season of “Lupin”, which centered on the clash between Assane and Pellegrini battles, was released.

Omar Sy is the translator of the gentleman burglar and even though it doesn’t yet have a release date for the second season, he is already working on the tenets. When asked by Entertainment Weekly about this chapter, the actor was vague, but he said that there were many things he wanted to say and do.

“I Think A Casting With A Lot Of People Would Be More Interesting”

Omar Sy still believed that new characters would be part of his tricks and his run. Lupin has many accomplices, as you can see from the books. However, there’s only Benjamin in the series. Assane will need arms, so he will have hired. It would be more fun to cast with several people.

Lupin Season 3

Even though he’s the brain and the mastermind, he can’t do it all on his own. It is also one of his strengths: the ability to attract people, and then take them with him. It’s really fun to play with that,” the actor suggested. His hypotheses do not exclude the possibility of Guedira being a collaborator with him, as they are both fans of Arsene Lupin. It’s possible, so why not? It is possible. We don’t know. “

The blue-white and red series has caused havoc on Netflix since its debut last January. “Lupin” is an adaptation of Maurice Leblanc’s original work. It follows Assane Diop as he attempts to right the wrongs that his family has suffered. If you find the waiting for the third part too painful, check out our selection of programs. You must avoid top hats or gadgets.