SUperating any Michael Jordan record has enormous merit. Doing it when you are not yet 22 years old and have only played 144 games in the NBA makes you extraordinary. That’s what Luka Doncic has achieved, who has already reached 29 triple-doubles in his career and has surpassed the considered best player of all time. The Mavericks point guard had 36 points, 16 rebounds and 15 assists in his team’s loss to the Bulls 101-117. In this way, he is already the fifteenth that has achieved the most triple-doubles in NBA history, equaled with Grant Hill,

And the seventh among those who remain active. Among those who preceded him in the statistics, there are eight members of the Hall of Fame and a few others who will be. In the history of the NBA, no one has had a better ratio of triple-doubles per game played. Doncic, 29 out of just 144, owns a staggering 20.13%. Of every five games, he has played in the League in one he has made a triple-double. Neither Oscar Robertson nor Russell Westbrook, the record men and the only two to have averaged a triple-double over a full season reach that record.

Doncic’s climb in the triple-doubles statistic does not seem to have an end, as he has a great facility to sign bombastic statistics. In the last six games, he has added four and in the other two, he failed to do so, remaining within one rebound and one assist, respectively. In those games, he has averaged 31.5 points, 12.3 rebounds, and 13.5 rebounds.

The Slovenian player achieved eight triple-doubles in his rookie course, 17 in his second season, and has now four in the current one. Only Nikola Jokic, with five, has achieved more so far. If he maintains his current average, Doncic could approach the Top 10 before the end of this season … and at the end of his career fight to lead it.