Tom Ellis outdoes himself every moment, in every episode of Lucifer. While this may be credited to his gift, devilish charm and positive, witty character, we’d say his well-tailored suits deserve equal praise.

The actor’s popularity is at an all-time high, thanks to his titular character on the show, and Ellis will portray his character for the last season, on Lucifer season.

Today, Tom Ellis shared a photo from the sets of Lucifer season 6, sporting what seems to be among his very best suits on the series yet.

Tom Ellis Looks Dapper In His New Suit!

He’s consistently the best-dressed guy in each area, along with the celebrity’s new Instagram post demonstrates that won’t alter in the upcoming season.

Tom Ellis’s costumes on the show change like his character’s disposition, the celebrity is seen sporting another suit in each episode and on other days, Lucifer resorts to a bit of nudity, leaving very little to the imagination.

Not today, though!

The actor shared a photo to Instagram, wearing his traditional three-piece suit, in brighter colors than the personality is usually seen wearing. The purple shirt and profound blue match look as if it was only made for Ellis, and lovers will agree.

“Loving the @distefanoitaly matches on #Lucifer season 6,” the actor wrote alongside the photograph, thanking his costume designer Joshua Coleman for capturing it.

Coleman shared the picture too, intriguing fans in an interesting fact about the way in which the team did costumes about the show.

“Just because the lawsuit is finished doesn’t mean it stops being altered,” he contributed to Instagram.

He continued, “We can use a suit numerous times within a year and adjustments can be made. For example, if Tom is doing a great deal of cardio, we might have to take in the waist or if he’s gaining muscle in his chest, the blazer and shirt may need alterations”

Turns out, Tom Ellis doesn’t put on a different suit in each episode. The painters do a masterful job at making us feel like they can, though!