Netflix confirmed that the premiere episode of Lucifer will be called Nothing Ever Changes Around Here, kicking off the gentle fallen angel’s final adventure with an intriguing beginning.

Episode titles are invariably taken from lines of dialogue within the episode, often from the titular devil himself, Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis).

Due to the protagonist’s generally sarcastic demeanor, Lucifer fans have already anticipated the potentially misleading title and are anticipating a big change for the series.

Continuing the trend of shocking cliffhangers in the season finale, there could even be a sudden change of Location for Lucifer and his family of angels, demons, and humans.

Now that Lucifer’s father is back, he may be taking a spontaneous trip to his original birthplace, heaven. It is unlikely that heaven has changed under God’s rule during the past millennia.

Known as the Silver City within the Lucifer show, Heaven’s appearance has not been officially revealed despite multiple references to the afterlife throughout the five seasons thus far.