The new Season of Netflix’s anthology collection of animated shorts, Love, Death, and Robots are quickly approaching before its May 14 Release date, and, according to a brand new Red Band preview, it is not messing about. Known only as Volume 2, the series is looking like it could have outdone itself after setting a rather large bar with its unique creative vision.

Contrary to the very first trailer, this fresh look in the show provides a more complete glimpse of this hyperviolent and normally NSFW facets that made the first season of the animated series this intriguing one. Much as some shorts in the first Season was much better than many others, they were always certain to be sudden and distinct from one another. This new year appears no different, even seeming to have paired up a few of the more intense aspects.

Not certain what I am talking about? Put it this way: In under a minute, a hand pops through somebody’s torso, many an F-bomb has been lost in quick succession, and just general insanity seems to be in store for this new Season. In case it was not already apparent, this animated series is not targeted towards younger viewers. Since the trailer says, “deaf children.” This one is not for you.

First made by Tim Miller, David Fincher, Jennifer Miller, and Joshua Donen, the new season is bringing on longtime animation manager Jennifer Yuh Nelson to oversee its new route. Oscar-nominated, Nelson has directed Kung Fu Panda two, Kung Fu Panda 3, as well as the live-action attribute The Darkest Minds. As a supervising director, she had been tasked with bringing on a group of unique founders to oversee every brief to provide room for many different animation styles and tones to come together into a single series.

“it is a tonal and stylistic Jenga game,” Nelson says. “Trying to find out which manager might best manage what Story.”

This new job is certain to provide her and the rest of the directors the chance to leave their mark on a string that provides its founder’s room to experiment. With eight new episodes, the trailer also claims that the show is”greatest micro-dosed” and also “consumable responsibly.”

Though if we’re all being fair, likely, the majority of us who were hungering for the recurrence of this series is probably going to burn during the rapid bite-sized (or even Quibi) shorts as soon as it’s released. Lucky for us, Season 3 of this series will premiere in 2022 therefore we will not need to wait as long this time for much more to come.

You can see the complete Red-Band trailer below and watch the whole second season when it releases on May 14.