The Korean wave has taken the world by storm. K-Dramas are the latest sensation and the fans just can’t get them over. In fact, K-Dramas played a pivotal role in overcoming the covid blues. Among the most loved shows of 2021 was love Alarm’ which had dropped its next season in March 2021.

The show involves a hypothetical App that notifies a user when somebody in their area has romantic feelings for them. Season 1 of the series premiered in 2019 while season 2 was released in 2021 on Netflix. Each Season had 14 episodes. Both the seasons have been showered with a lot of love and were able to garner substantial appreciation. But now the fans are wondering if the series is going to be renewed for a third season. So here are the details.

Love Alarm Season 3 Renewal Status And When Is It Releasing?

Season 2 concluded with Jojo and Hye Yeong eventually getting together when JoJo comprehends that Hye Yeong is indeed the ideal man for her. At the exact same time, Sun Ho is determined to nurture her relationship with York Jo while still having feelings for Jojo.

It’s been just 2 months since the previous season was released and Netflix may take a while to review the reactions of their fans after Season two before announcing a renewal. There’s ample material that can be utilized to think of season 3, since the webtoon composed by Chon Kye- Young on which the series is based, is still ongoing. Given that, a statement for renewal can be anticipated within the next couple of months. If the series gets renewed, we might get to see it by April 2022 but it is still too early to speculate but let’s hope for the best.

The show is developed by Jiyoung Park for Studio Dragon and celebrities Kim So-Hyun, Jung Ga-ram, and Song Kang in the lead characters.