Looney Tunes Cartoons Season 2

HBO Max has released a trailer for season 2 of Looney Tunes. Looney Tune Cartoons Warner Bros. developed the film. The animation featured the legendary Looney Tunes cast including Bugs Bunny and Tweety Bird. The Looney Tunes characters appear in a modern, humorous, and visually vivid version of the classic series. It received warm reviews. When it aired on HBO Max last summer with praise for its homages to the original shorts from the 1930s and 40s,

The trailer for Looney Tunes Cartoons seasons 2 shows off hilarious animation. The teaser says, ” The new season is bigger and wilder than ever“. It is interspersed by the usual slapstick comedy beats including the Tasmanian Devil being attacked by a swarm of bees. The trailer opens with Bugs Bunny winning basketball, which could be a nod to Space Jam: A New Legacy. The title card states that the series will stream on July 8.

YouTube video

The new Looney Tunes Cartoons The trailer shows the retro feel of the new shorts. The Looney Tunes cast was recast in previous years to modernize the franchise. Many fans have complained that this has often been at the expense of the show. Lola Bunny’s new look at Space Jam: A Legacy. The nostalgic animation style of HBO Max will be enjoyed by viewers. The show is now available on streaming. Fans can watch a clip before watching a full-length movie. This was the original purpose for the clips that were shown before movies in theaters.