Loki has already presented his fourth episode on Disney + and there are only two left until the end of the season. The series created by Michael Waldron was one of the most anticipated on the platform, as he is undoubtedly a very expensive villain and one of the most beloved in the universe. And his solo story, thus far, has not failed.

A bit of science fiction, suspense, bisexuality, and even a more philosophical analysis of love. A very interesting mix of themes that comes as the third MCU series produced by Disney, after WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Between the TVA (Time Variance Authority), Agent Mobius, the Guardians of Time, and Sylvie or Lady Loki, a single question arises that all Marvel fans want to know: will Loki have a second season? How possible is it for the God of Deception to continue his adventures on the platform? We tell you everything that is known.

Will Loki Have One More Season?

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The truth is that it is already mentioned that Michael Waldron, producer and scriptwriter of the first batch of Loki episodes, returns for a second season. Creative times are tight; He will be working on the next Star Wars movie produced by Marvel number one Kevin Feige.

On the other hand, Waldron is in charge of shaping the script for Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, the next installment of Doctor Strange that will deal with alternative universes within the MCU, and rumors on the Internet say that it will have points in common with two series from Disney +: WandaVision and Loki. Attentive.

The Asgardian series got off to an auspicious start with good reviews and solid numbers. Marvel is already thinking of a second season with the same showrunner who is working on Phase 4 of the MCU. Will everything be neatly connected in this next part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? They say that the Loki series will have great consequences for the rest of the MCU. Can the brand’s most beloved villain be expected to have a second season? Yes of course.

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