After a long wait, the God Of Mischief is nowhere. Loki Season 1 lately landed on our displays, and it is something extraordinary coming out of the MCU. The storyline, visuals, and audio are simply pleasing to the eyes. Today the fans are wondering about the future plans of these showrunners. Will Disney Plus come back with a new season of Loki? Here’s all you need to know.

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The overwhelming episode 1 of Loki Season 1 has made the audience demanding more incredible seasons. The marvel fans like to see the God Of Mischief. Loki, played with Tom Hiddleston, has cast a magic spell on one of the fans with his incredible acting and jaw-dropping dialog shipping. Following Wanda Vision and The Falcom and the Winter Soldier, Loki has established new records. The very first episode of Season 1 popped out on June 9, and the lovers are curious to know more about the sequel season. So, here is everything we know.

Will There Be Season 2 For Loki?

As of now, Season 1 has come up with just one episode. There are a number of more thrilling spins to come in the first installment. On the other hand, the lovers are craving to understand whether there will be Season not. To date, Disney+ hasn’t confirmed the renewal of the series. On the other hand, the viewership of this first episode had made it clear that the series is destined for a big hit. So, we could expect that the founders will reestablish the series after Season 1 wraps up.

On the flip side, some sexy leaks are coming out on Loki Season 2. As per the most recent list of Generation Weekly’s active manufacturing series. Loki Season 2 is underway, and the manufacturers are gearing up to tailor-made another incredible edition. According to inside sources, Loki Season 2 is scheduled for a release in 2022. So, let’s wait till the makers or Disney+ come up with an official announcement on Loki Season 2.