Netflix announced the early renewal of the horror series “Locke & Key” for season 3. In addition to a post on Twitter (see below), remembering that the series still needs to show the 2nd season in 2021, the news was confirmed by an official statement.

Also, the company signed an exclusive development contract with the series co-showrunner, Meredith Averill, for her to create new series and other projects for the platform.

Averill commands “Locke & Key” in partnership with the prolific screenwriter producer Carlton Cuse (who has his contract with Disney), who was one of the mentors of “Lost” and created “Bates Motel”, “Colony” and “Jack Ryan ”.

“Carlton and Meredith built an incredible world in ‘Locke & Key’, and we are excited about the Lockes’ return for more adventures in Season 3,” said Brian Wright, Netflix’s general vice president of business. He added that he was also “very happy to expand our creative partnership with Meredith Averill, a talented creator with a keen eye for the best horror and supernatural narrative.”

Averill’s credits also include “The Curse of the Hill House”, “Jane the Virgin” and “The Good Wife”. She developed “Locke & Key” with Cuse and Aron Eli Coleite (who was co-showrunner in an earlier incarnation of the series, which did not materialize on Hulu).

“I am extremely grateful to have found a home on Netflix where I feel constantly supported, challenged, and inspired,” said Averill. “I look forward to continuing and expanding our relationship.”

Cuse added: “We have some incredible adventures in store for the Locke family in season 3, and we couldn’t be more excited to continue telling our story with our great Netflix partners.”

The evident success of “Locke & Key” on Netflix crowns the perseverance of those interested in turning the story into a series after the project failed on other channels.

Production suffered almost a decade of rejection. It is worth remembering that Fox was the first to be interested in the comic books by Joe Hill (the son of Stephen King) that inspire the plot. The channel commissioned its adaptation in 2011 – for Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci (“Star Trek” writers and “Fringe” series creators) and Josh Friedman (“Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” series creator) – but did not approve the pilot, directed by filmmaker Mark Romanek (“Don’t Leave Me Never”), for remembering the 1st season of “American Horror Story” – approved at the time.

Producer Carlton Cuse became involved with the material during the development of a second pilot for Hulu. At the time, the lack of enthusiasm on that platform surprised the market, since the pilot’s director was none other than Andy Muschietti, from “It: A Coisa”, and the project had three young actors from that film in its cast.

With Muschietti’s pilot refusing, Cuse decided to redo everything and present his idea to Netflix. Muschietti remained credited as a producer, but without directing any episodes. And only the boy Jackson Robert Scott, interpreter of little Georgie in “It: The Thing”, took advantage of the cast that had been brought together for Hulu.

In addition to it, the series ended up taking to the screens Connor Jessup (“Falling Sky”), Emilia Jones (“Utopia”) and Darby Stanchfield (Abby of “Scandal”) as the central family of the plot – the third incarnation of the casting, from the beginning of the project.

Only Meredith Averill was missing for the project to work. With his texts and production, “Locke & Key” intrigued the public and guaranteed a large audience in the streaming service.

For those who haven’t seen it, the series follows a mother (Stanchfield) and her three children who move into the family’s old home after the father’s brutal murder. On the spot, they are haunted by an evil entity called Dodge, determined to harass them until they get what they want: keys to other dimensions, which are hidden in the residence.

As a curiosity, the Dodge interpreter is a Canadian actress from Brazilian parents, Laisla de Oliveira, who also appeared in “The Gifted” and starred in the horror “Campo do Fear” (2019) on Netflix.

Despite the early renewal, the return date of the series is not yet defined.