With the world becoming extremely interconnected and the workforce going global, there are many American families who make a living outside of the United States. Living Abroad is an American web television series genre of documentary. Bringing ‘House Hunters International’ to another scale, ‘Living Abroad’ depicts what its like for Americans who move into another country.

It shows how the families live in a foreign land and face the exciting yet daunting challenges of choosing to buy or rent a home and looking for reputed schools which would help in overcoming the language barrier.

The Release Date Of Living Abroad Season 2

The first season aired on 31st March, 2012 and was wrapped up on 17th December, 2012. After the 13-episode first season there was absolute silence regarding the show with no information regarding its renewal. The first season was accepted well by the fans and critics which gives us an opportunity to anticipate its return.

We can expect the second season around March 2021 if HGTV greenlights it. According to the thorough interviews conducted on the series, its confirmed that we have to wait a while as the episodes won’t air very soon.


We are expecting to see the return of Chi-Lan, the Chinese American author and television presenter, as the host. She hosted shows like ‘I Want That! Tech Toys’ and ‘Fresh Gear’ on HGTV and TechTv. Her extensive experiences in hosting shows makes her a veteran, which is why her communication with the families are effortless.

What can we expect to see in Season 2?

In the first season we saw American families living in various places like Lake Geneva, Switzerland, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Dubai, Vienna, Prague, Sydney, Paris and Barcelona. The focus was mainly on Americans settling in European countries and other developed countries. Each location provided its own cultural differences and challenges which the Americans had to overcome to integrate with the community.

We can expect to see Americans settling in more obscure or less accessible places. This would add  some sense of adventure to the storyline as the lifestyle and standard of living in such areas would be completely different from what the American families are accustomed to in their homeland. The first season was restricted within a cosmopolitan culture which hopefully the second season will work on to improve.

Just like the first season, we expect this season to be a perfect balance between entertaining and informative as the families share their experiences. Fans are looking forward if Season 2 could explore some parts of Asia, perhaps India or even Africa.