Line Of Duty Season 7

Line of Duty series 6 has come to a halt after another series of average twists and turns as Ted Hastings’ AC-12 chased the tail of H and OCG whilst fighting for the life span of his unit, but what comes next? Can the BBC give Hastings and his team of corruption-busting detectives that a 7th series? In the event the achievement of series is not anything to go by, it ought to be a guarantee, especially as Line of Duty outstripped Game of Thrones in viewer numbers by some space, but there is more at play here.

Since debuting in 2012, the BBC play has captivated audiences, getting an occasion television experience at the post-event era for the UK and outside. Often cited as being one of the greatest British shows of all time, the lineup of Duty has also, impressively, built its audience up by a factor of over three drawings, not just millions of viewers but the very high level of British TV acting ability. The idea that it could simply finish is close unthinkable.

The BBC will know of the prevalence of the flagship play, so any chance to keep it will undoubtedly be contemplated, even with ratings a marginally diminished concern for the subsidized channels. So will the 7th Collection of Line of Duty happen? This is what we understand about what comes next for AC-12.

Will Line Of Duty Season 7 Happen?

If the testimony of Line of Duty creator Jed Mercurio is not anything to go by, the seventh series is not yet a guarantee, because of the pandemic that disrupted numerous TV and movie productions for the majority of both 2020 and 2021’s first half. “We would expect there might be (another show ). But we’re needing to do our preparation coming out of Covid, and a whole lot of different things around the concept that these things are not ensured at all now. ” If ratings are a factor, supposing the logistics work out, the BBC can look to the 15 million viewers who tuned to the first episode of series 6 as an indicator of the strike it has on its hands. For the time being, the jury remains out, and though the finale was divisive, enough people watched it and would no doubt invest in a continuation which undoes its finality to indicate that there’s a good foundation for more.

Line Of Duty Season 7 Story

Line Of Duty Season 7

To paraphrase Ted Hastings, Line of Duty cares about one thing and one thing only, bent coppers. Even without the specter of H – or even the”fourth man” – and also the Caddy still holding sway overall, there are more than enough potential to keep Anti-Corruption investigations in the police force. Specifically, what happens to Ted is a major cliffhanger, but there are also suggestions from the finale that the H reveal was not as complete as it may have initially seemed. There are still loose ends to research, not the OGCs that Ian Buckell’s was working with, in addition to the other corrupt serving officers who had to have abetted his strategies for them to completely work. There’s also more to explore in Osbourne’s suppression of police corruption more broadly.

Though there was some frustration at the way in which the finale reflected real-world worries over fantasy, it’s probably more important now than ever with scrutiny over police conduct in the information throughout the world. Line of Duty has never shying away from pulling the institution, which should continue into season 7 when it’s confirmed. That does not necessarily require a direct continuation of this story, needless to say, because AC-12 can explore different components of police corruption which don’t necessarily tie into the exact main plot thread.

Line Of Duty Season 7 Cast

Certainly, the main surviving cast is very likely to go back for the seventh season, even with Ted no longer accountable. The BBC will be foolish to permit the celebrities of the network’s flagship play to depart without doing their very best to keep them at the table. All three of the Adrian Dunbar (Hastings), Vicky McClure (Kate), and Martin Compson (Steve) have openly spoken up their desire to return previously, expressing a desire to not let Line of Duty finish” like this” awarded the impact of COVID-19 on the final series. As for who can combine them as the guest star of the series in the aftermath of Harry Potter star Kelly Macdonald’s starring role as Acting DS Jo Davidson, there are still a massive number of possibilities of major British drama celebrities, along with the surprise appearance of James Nesbitt in season 6 proves the show can still throw in casting shocks.

Line Of Duty Season 7 Release Date

Ignoring the possible delays that COVID may still bring to any future productions in the UK, the lineup of Duty has always released new string on a two-year schedule, suggesting that if series 7 is coming, it’ll be at Spring 2023. Only series 3 and 4 came a year apart and that’s unlikely even without considering the hangover.