Light On Me Episode 9

Light On Me Episode Nine Release Date and Times: Light On Me Episode Nine will soon be out. The majority of fans are curious to know the release date, time, cast, and other details for Light On Me Episode 9. We have updated all information about Light On Me 9 on this page.

When Will Light On Me Episode 9 Release?

Light On Me Episode 9 to air on Viki’s original network July 20, 2021. The series is a Viki Original series and hence can be easily watched online on the site along with subtitles. Viki and the drama are also available on streaming websites like Wet. Many people love the drama and there is a large following outside of the country. The show may not be available in all regions or countries. Make sure you check before you start watching. You will also find different times zones of release for different countries. You can also find the first episode on Youtube. However, not all episodes are available. The drama has now released 8 episodes. It will soon release the 9th. Light on me airs twice each week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Light On Me Episode 9

The total number of episodes of Light On Me is just 16, with each episode lasting approximately 18 minutes. The drama aired for the first time on 29 June 2021. This series was adapted from the mobile game Saebit Boys High School Council. Even more, was spawned as a web-based cartoon series “Behind the Desks Love is Addiction,” which features four main characters: Nam Goong Shi Woon (Noh Shin Woo), Woo Tae Kyung, Shin Da On, and Woo Te Kyung. The growing chemistry among Sin Da On (Woo Taekyung) is fantastic. With the eighth episode of the drama, you will see what else is possible.

Light On Me Episode 9 Countdown

Light On Me Episode 9 is scheduled to be released on July 27, 2021. This means that it has a countdown of just 5 days. Yes! It’s only 5 days until the Light On Me Episode 9, which will be released on September 9th.