Letterkenny Season 10

Letterkenny a well-known Canadian television sitcom was created by Jared Keeso. Jacob Tierney and Keeso serve as co-writers. The series was originally a Youtube web series. It was eventually made into a TV series at Crave. The Comedy Network aired it in 2016 The series was renewed for a ninth season in 2020. Hulu gained exclusive rights to the series in 2019 Many awards were given to the sitcom, which is well-respected. The sitcom has been called “refreshingly intoxicating” by critics. The characters are what make the sitcom so funny and mad. The sitcom’s Canadian accented conversations are fascinating to see.

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When Will Season 10 Release?

Season 9 of Letterkenny was launched at Crave on 25th December 2020. It featured 7 episodes and lasted between 19 to 30 minutes. Hulu made it possible to download episodes two days later. Fans are curious to see the tenth season after seeing such a great season.

We have learned from analysis and research that the creators are planning to film season 10 of the series. They will soon begin production work on the series. The series has received tremendous response for season 9, as well as many requests for season 10.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has impeded the production of Letterkenny and several other TV series and future films. Production for the next season was delayed. Overall, however, we can predict that the tenth Season will release in 2021 or 2022.

Letterkenny Season 10


  • Dan Petronijevic, Mr. McMurray
  • Mark Forward, Coach
  • Kaniehtiiohorn is Tanis
  • Jacob Tierney, Glen
  • Jared Keeso is WayneMelanie Scrofano and Mrs. McMurray
  • Gail Lisa Codrington
  • K. Trevor Wilson plays the role of Squirrellydan
  • Evan Stern, Roald
  • Andrew Herr is Jonesy
  • Michelle Mylett and Katy
  • Dylan Playfair as Reilly
  • Stewart, Tyler Johnston
  • Nathan Dales as Daryl

Letterkenny Season 10 Plot

The series producers remain at work and no trailer or teaser of the plot has been made available to the public. Shooting is currently in progress and is expected to be complete by October 2021.

Wayne is still the toughest man in the group, and that’s because of this. The basketball players are starting to take an interest in girl talk, table games, movies, and even watching them. We may see in the next season the importance of cafes for Letterkenny’s 5000 residents. Katy was cheated by Dierks so we’ll see what happens. Katy is ready for revenge.