Barcelona fans are very aware of the evolution of Leo Messi’s annoyances in the face of this Sunday’s match against Athletic. In fact, the fans will hardly remember the last time they did not see the Argentine in a final with the Barça elastic. Not strange, as you have to look back to 2006-07 to find a title match at stake without the captain. It was in the Club World Cup against Internacional de Porto Alegre that the Catalans lost 1-0. The attacker was injured after breaking the fifth metatarsal in his left foot in November.

What’s more, since Messi is a first-team player for all intents and purposes, he only missed the first leg of the Super Cup in 2005-06 against Betis and, that same course, the Champions League final against Arsenal. In the case of the English block, the Argentine could not play in Paris due to a five-centimeter tear in the biceps femoris in his right leg that kept him in the infirmary for several weeks. Therefore, only three finals have been lost to Leo Messi and the last one already 15 years ago, on December 17, 2006. Since then, he has participated in the 27 titles that Barcelona has chosen. Only the first leg of the Super Cup against, precisely, Athletic in 2009-10 was lost due to an overload, but they played the second leg and scored two of the three goals for the Catalans. It should also be noted that in 10-11, in this same competition, the clash against Sevilla began as a substitute, but jumped onto the pitch in the 53rd minute.

Therefore, a final without Messi on the green is practically unimaginable for Barcelona fans and the world of football. Super Cup of Spain, Europe, Champions, Cup, Club World Cup. .. he cannot resist any clash in which a title is at stake. Barcelona can win or lose, but the Argentine is always in the starting lineup. It would therefore be strange if the captain was not among Koeman’s eleven chosen ones. It is the first title of the season and Messi is rushing the options so as not to miss the appointment. Travel with expedition 10 could not play against

Real Sociedad on Wednesday the semifinal after failing to recover from a puncture in the back of the thigh suffered against Granada. The same annoyances keep all Barcelona fans in suspense. But Messi is by no means ruled out. Travel with the entire expedition, therefore it will doubt until the last moment. This Saturday afternoon he will test on the La Cartuja lawn and after training Koeman is scheduled to offer the squad list. It will be the moment to leave doubts.

The Argentine does not want to miss the match. Barcelona does not dispute any final since May 2019 Cup. It a long time for a team accustomed to the big occasion. Also, it should be noted that of the last 27 games with a title at stake, Messi has won 21. Previously, he had beaten Espanyol in the Super Cup in 06-07. Therefore, Leo Messi only lost the KO tournament in 10-11 and 13-14 against Real Madrid, the Super Cup in 12-13 and 17-18 against whites, and 15-16 against Athletic.

He also fell in the Cup in 18-19 against Valencia. His appointment with the goal also in his classic in the Barcelona finals. Up to 29 targets have been named after the Argentine international. His most outstanding performances were the three goals he scored in total in the Super Cup against Sevilla in 10-11 and, the following year, in the same competition, the same goals against the whites. He has only missed one goal in seven dates. Therefore, the presence of Leo Messi on the green is key for those of Koeman and the Argentine hurries to arrive.