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What’s This TV Show About?

LEGO Masters TV features LEGO enthusiasts’ teams versus other teams in games of fantasy, concept and imagination through the FOX television network. Will Arnett welcomes Jamie Berard, Amy Corbett and popular guests as judges. Perhaps, armed with countless options and an infinite supply of LEGO bricks, two teams engage in ambitious challenges for building bricks against one another.

Arnett inspires the builders in every episode along with the specialist judges and special guests, tests them and brings them to the test. Hence, the competing couples who impress the judges the most advance in the next round and eliminate the remaining pairs. The finals will be held with the winning teams in the cash prize, the remaining LEGO cup, and the LEGO Masters grand crown.

Expected Cast or team of LEGO Masters Season 2

Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard’s judges from “Lego Masters” will both come back. Managing producers include Anthony Dominici, Sharon Levy, Endemol Shine North America’s DJ Nurre and Michael Heyman. Tuesday’s Kid Karen Smith and Harris, Brad Pitt, Dede Gardner, Plan B Jeremy Kleiner, Christina Oh, Jill Wilfert and Robert May.

Release Date of LEGO Masters SEASON 2

For a second season and 2021, FOX has confirmed only that it has revived the TV show. Since, LEGO teams are challenged by fantasy, concept and imagination against other teams in the game. In the first season, Will Arnett hosted Jamie Berard, Amy Corbett and guest celebrities. LEGO’s first year was 1.11 for 18-49 population with 3.45 million audiences. The first year was 1.2 million. In April this year, the season ended.

Season Two will have even more talented contestants, with even greater challenges than ever before for LEGOs to test their LEGO abilities. Therefore, in an extremely competitive season finale episode this April, the first LEGO MASTERS trophy was given to newly married Tyler and Amy Clites, Bradenton, FL. Now it’s time to wait to witness the winner of season 2. Don’t miss the hits and updates by PhilSportsNews.