The new Space Jam movie is one of the most anticipated releases by fans. A film that marked an entire generation after its premiere in 1996 with Michael Jordan alongside the Looney Tunes commanded by Bugs Bunny, and which will now have a second part starring LeBron James. A tape from which the material is still revealed with a dropper

Through social networks, images of the Lakers star were leaked next to the lucky rabbit where both are surprised to see a person descend from the giant marker located presumably at the top of a basketball game. Around the field it can be seen that they are not in a stadium as such, so the revenge against their rivals will probably be in a very different scenario from the first installment. When will Space Jam 2 be released? Space Jam A New Legacy has its release date set for July 16, 2021, in the United States, if the coronavirus pandemic does not change plans.