Since the announcement of the return of actor Raúl Esparza, in Law & Order: SVU, all fans of the series have been wondering about the changes that the actor has had, but, finally, they can already be seen with this promo video.

Recall that the departure of actor Raúl Esparza from Law and Order: SVU, was devoid of drama since the same actor chose to leave his position in a similar way to that of his character.

Because he felt he had done what he could with his role, and after the time he spent on the show, Esparza made a conscious decision to say goodbye, which lasted at least 5 seasons on the show.

But, for season 22 of Law and Order: SVU, the actor will return with his same role, but he will do it this way. Check out the video below.

Rafael Barba will be present in the first episode of the Law and Order: SVU series, after returning from his brief hiatus in December.

The return episode of the series will be next January 7, 2021, on NBC.