Laia Aleixandre was recognized as the MVP of the final, an award she received from Antonio Fernandez, Iberdrola’s institutional delegate in Andalusia. The Atlético center-back was a key piece in the triumph of his team. We have worked hard. We have planned both games to win them and we have achieved it. We are very happy because we won the first title of the season and it is time to celebrate, said Laia at the foot of the field at the Juegos del Mediterraneo stadium in Almeria.

The Catalan center-back was outstanding in the center of the rear, being the perfect complement to the goal Hedvig Lindahl, both guilty that the goal of Atlético was left to zero for the second consecutive game. Aleixandre dried Esther González at the tip of the granola spear and helped plug the interns from the second row of Eva Navarro, Claudia Zornoza, Natasa Andonova, or Estefanía Banini in the second act.

The team will only be able to have a few hours of celebration as it is urgent to change the chip to come back in a League where it is located in fifth place. After winning, everything looks positive and we want to go game by game, he said.