La Fortuna is a thriller, the story of this series includes Nuestra Senora de las Mercedes’ historical travel. The story also includes the battle of the present day, over the claimed treasure of 500 million dollars. It’s a new season starting to thrill the audience at an unimaginable level.

Release Date

Although we do not have much data on how the series is going to be as it is coming out for the first time. But we are eager to witness it. The show is releasing on the 1st of January, 2021, as per the news so far. And all of us are waiting to witness the thrilling hunt of the treasure by Alex Ventura, and the fans of thrillers are waiting to catch the show on the screen.


 The Cast of the series includes Alvaro Mel, playing the role of Alex Ventura, T’Nia Miller playing Susan McLean. Jonas Pierce being played by Clarke Peters. We also see Ana Polvorosa playing Lucia. Frank Wild is being played by Stanley Tucci. Tony is played by Duncan Pow, billy by Jimmy Shaw, and the Police officer by Deborah Dominguez.


The story features the character of Alex Ventura, who is very new in the field of diplomacy. The story tells us how this young mind becomes the leader of a project mission. This mission tests his ability to lead and run to achieve the mission. The mission includes the recovery of the long-drowned treasure, which was decisively taken rather than stolen by Frank Wild. Frank Wild happens to be an adventurer who roams around the nooks and crannies of the world and excavates the long-lost heritages from beneath the sea. We see Alex forming a team with the renowned lawyer, Jonas Pierce, and a combat official, Lucia to proceed with the mission in his mind. We see a hidden passion in Jonas about pirates and pirate stories. The team sets out on a never-ending voyage, and while on that will discover what the true meaning of love and friendship holds in a person’s life.