Kung Fu Season 2

Kung Fu is one of those American martial arts television show. It has a 4.8 rating on IMDb. It’s an action-adventure show. It’s a producer such as Warner Bros and it is developed by Christina M. Kim. The story relies upon Kung Fu composed by Ed Spielman.

The first season of Kung Fu was released on 7 April, 2021. It was aired on the CW Network. It’s 7 episodes.

On the first of May, a couple of weeks ago it was heard that the next season of the television show will be coming soon. It is announced by the CW Network.


The trailer of this Kung Fu season 1 was first shown on the first of March. The trailer can be found on Youtube. But the trailer of this second season isn’t disclosed yet.

Kung Fu Season 2

Kung Fu Season 2 Cast

The primary starring role is led by Olivia Liang as Nicky Shen. Shannon Dang is joined as Althea Shen, Tan Khang Hua acted as Mei Li Shen, Eddie Liu acted as Henry Yan, Jon Prasida united as Ryan Shen.

It’s the story of a Chinese American girl who lived in America and her life events. For her difficulties, she has to leave the college in the middle of the study.

In this moment she makes a decision to start a life-altering journey in a monastery in China. After three decades later she came back to her hometown San Francisco. With the learning of her martial arts, she brings forward her nation, San Francisco.

In San Francisco when her community is in danger she starts to use the martial arts and Shaolin values to protect her community. Shaolin values are among the earliest, biggest, and most famous styles of Kung Fu. She began rescuing her community members who had been tortured by Triad.

She was the one who saves the alienated family in the problem and deals with all the murderers who murdered her mentor. After the death of the mentor, the murderer was targeting.