Kung Fu Episode 7

In Kung Fu episode 6, Nicky and Henry plan a grand heist which appears like their only method of catching the dagger. As they attempt to infiltrate a limited area in the museum, the dagger falls in their hands. However, Zhilan’s last-minute entry sabotages their mission, and Nicky is subsequently left bleeding out on the pavement outside. To know more about the former episode, you can read the detailed summary we have provided. In case you’re expecting the next episode, here is what Kung Fu episode 7 may have in store!

Kung Fu episode 7 Release Date

‘Kung Fu’ episode 7 is scheduled to release on May 26, 2021, at 8 pm ET on The CW. The show has entered a hiatus, and it will resume its normal weekly release pattern. Every incident has a runtime of about 60 minutes each.

Where to Watch Kung Fu Episode 7 Online?

‘Kung Fu’ episode 7 is supposed to launch on The CW at the time and date mentioned previously, which means that you can catch it on TV live because it airs. If you miss the first broadcast, then you may go to The CW’s official site or the mobile program the following day and watch it there. There are live-streaming options available on platforms like FuboTV, DirecTV, and YouTube TV. Others have the choice to lease or buy the episodes on VOD programs such as Vudu, Amazon Prime, Google Play, Apple TV, and iTunes.

Kung Fu Episode 7 Spoilers

The next episode of ‘Kung Fu’ (episode 7) is title guidance.’ From the event, Nicky will come to terms with her failure to guard the dagger. The information about Pei-Ling relayed by Zhilan has struck her hard, and she’ll then try to keep her head away from it by simply helping out a young girl in need. Moreover, she will not be permitted to fight or go through any sort of physical exertion, as stated by her physician. But the entrance of a dominant fighter, Master Drake, might just result in a change in her plans. Furthermore, Zhilan takes a step back and confronts her past while Mei-Lei will earn a shocking confession. Here is the promo for the upcoming episode!

Kung Fu Episode 6 Recap

In’Kung Fu’ incident 6 titled ‘Rage,’ Nicky and Henry prepare to recover the dagger found in Bolivia. But before they start their trip, a guy mysteriously picks up the knife and places it in a cage going towards San Francisco. Nicky learns of Henry’s plan to keep the dagger to himself and a gala set to happen at the Reed museum, which might be their one chance at regaining the dagger. Ryan, Althea, and Henry team up with Nicky to help her stage a heist. In the gala, the Shen kids place Mei-Li and Jin, which delays their operation by a few minutes.

Once it starts, they first take over the safety controls. Nicky and Henry quickly enter the employees-only area of the museum, due to Ryan’s natural penchant for theatrics. They eventually discover the cage out of Bolivia, but three armed men appear when Nicky catches the dagger. But they just take them down and return to the party in time. Yet their success is short-lived as Zhilan creates an entry and lifts the dagger from Nicky’s pocket. Zhilan lets her on her plan to depict Pei-Ling as a bad person. In the end, she spares Nicky’s life viewing the symbols on her hand, and leaves her unconscious on the sidewalk.