Pedri arrived at Barcelona last summer and quickly convinced Koeman, but the Dutchman knew almost nothing about the canary. He started from scratch and the coach made it known to him in the first talk he had with the young player.

Even the coach’s words were a motivation for the medium. One day he put me aside and told me that he didn’t know much about me, that he had hardly seen me play, and that I would have to show him my skills and abilities in training. I got motivation from that. I knew I had to work as hard as anyone to win my place.

Pedri explained in an interview with AP. The canary went from being practically a stranger to Koeman to becoming a key player in the Barça team. . When he teams up with Messi, they form a deadly tandem. He is undoubtedly one of the revelations of the season and, because of his young age, he has a lot of room for improvement.

Pedri does not hide his great admiration for Iniesta. The canary has seen many videos of the manchego who he considers a reference.