Karrion Kross

During NXT broadcasts on the USA Network, Karrion Kross managed to retain the Golden Neray Brand Championship after defeating Johnny Gargano in the evening’s main event.

In the final minutes of the match, Kross locked his rival in a clutch but referee Samoa Joe did not see Gargano surrender. The champion raised a steel step to punish the leader of The Way but Samoa had it. This allowed Johnny to perform two One Final Beats but Karrion dodged a Superkick and struck his opponent to finish with a blow to the back of the head for a count of three.

In this way, Karrion Kross retains the NXT Championship continuing his 96-day reign that began on April 8 at NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver (night 2) where he defeated Finn Bálor.

After the fight, Joe raised Kross’s arm to give him the victory but they ended up starring in a confrontation, and later, Karrion attacked Samoa with a clutch until he was unconscious in the middle of the ring. The show ended with Kross alongside Scarlett celebrating her victory.