Internet. This medium of communication works to connect us with the world. It has many advantages if used properly. But there are some people who also use this platform for the wrong reasons. They work to spread false news and rumors through it. As in the case of West Indies cricketer Karen Pollard.

Pollard, who is currently playing in the T10 league running in Abu Dhabi, has made the news of his death viral on the internet. A false video of Pollard is going viral on YouTube, in which the car accident has been told the reason for his death. This video spread like a fire on social media.

Pollard playing in T10 when the video went viral

Now the truth is that while this fake video was spreading on social media on 2 January 8, Pollard was playing against the Pune Devils for Deccan Gladiators in the Abu Dhabi T10 League. Pollard was also captaining Deccan Gladiators in that match. Pollard scored 2 runs in that match and his team had to face defeat by 7 wickets.

The truth of the rumored video came out

When we looked at the YouTube video of Pollard’s death on social media, we found that it is completely fake. There is nothing true in it. This was exactly the same video as it once went viral about Suresh Raina, in which he was told died in a road accident.

Pollard out of West Indies team

Pollard is not currently part of the West Indies team. He withdrew his name from the Bangladesh tour due to Corona. He was one of the few big names who withdrew from the Bangladesh tour.