Kakegurui season 3 is one of the fantastic Japanese action series which was based on the name Kakegurui and it was created by two persons named Homura Kawamoto, and Toru Nakamura. In this series, the opening theme was really pleasant to hear and it was “Ichi Ka Bachi Ka”. The ending theme of this series was also done in an extraordinary manner and it was “strawberry feels”. This music was composed by a person named Bigmama. There was a separate fan base for this series. Let us discuss the release date about this upcoming season.

Kakegurui Season 3: Plotlines

In this series, there was a private academy named Hyakkaou and it was also one of the prestigious institutions. This private institution was first established 122 years ago. In this academy, the students are ranked according to their gambling winnings. The winners in this series will receive all welfare including fame and fortune. Another thing, the winners are eligible to dominate the losers. One of the wanted characters emerges in this story named Yumeko Jabami and she was transferred from one school to another school. She was shifted to the same private academy. Yumeko has a good appearance and she loves high stakes.

Kakegurui Season 3: Cast And Character

There were so many talented actors and actresses and they perform their roles in an extraordinary manner. They are listed as Minami Hamabe as Yumeko Jabami, Mahiro Takasugi as Ryota Suzuki, Aoi Morikawa as Mary Saotome, Taishi Nakagawa as Kaede Manyuda, Yuma Yamoto as jun Kiwatari, Natsume Mito as Runa Yomotsuki, Yurika Nakamura as Sayaka Igarashi, Ruka Matsuda as Itsuki Sumeragi, Natsumi Okamoto as Yuriko Nishinotouin, Kiyo Matsumoto as Nanami Tsubomi, Miki Yanagi as Midari ikishima, Sayuri Matsumura as Yumemi Yumemite, Elaiza Ikeda as kirari Momobami, etc. Let us watch these characters on the On-screen.

Kakegurui Season 3: Release Date

The first season was released on January 14, 2018 and the second season was premiered on April 1, 2019. The third season will be revealed soon in future years. However, the release date was delayed, fans are anticipating for the next season. Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming season.