It was one of the controversies of recent days in the  National Football League (NFL), then the receiver  Pittsburgh Steelers,  JuJu Smith-Schuster was tackled by the safety of  Cincinnati Bengals, Vonn Bell, after threats from his dislike of dances that your rival does to the logos of the rivals when they play away.

This led to coach his team  Mike Tomlin, he warned that “plan to talk with JuJu. But we are professionals. I doubt any of those details and things of that nature are legitimate factors motivating split, as you enter the professional stadiums. This is of respect “.

Against this background, Smith-Schuster himself announced at a press conference that he will stop doing these dances that were uploaded to the social network  TikTok, warning that although he does not consider it a lack of respect for rivals, it has become an element distraction for the Steelers.

Smith-Schuster to stop dancing for TikTok

In the meeting with the press, the receiver assured that “for me, honestly, I was dancing when we were undefeated, I was dancing when we lost our three games; I am not going to change the person I am, but it is getting to the point where my teammates are being asked this question

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“For my sake and that of my teammates, I am going to stop dancing on rival logos , “Smith-Schuster said.

It should be noted that the  Steelers are on a negative streak, after their third consecutive loss in the 2020 season, where after losing undefeated to Washington Football Team, they fell to  Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals, leaving with a mark of 11 wins and three games. lost.