We are very badly accustomed or they have accustomed us very badly. This is the lesson we can draw from the visit of Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida mayor of Madrid and spokesman for the Popular Party from his visit last night in El Hormiguero. When a politician goes off the record what we usually see is tension artifice and control too much control. For a politician to face a program in which he knows that he will not be able to control it, nor will he be able to easily release his proclamation will he be able to make his usual little speeches, it generates such tension that in the end leads to nothing flowing and everything remains in an ‘I have come to talk about my book, vote for me and let it happen soon. With Jose Luis, Martinez-Almeidanone of this happened or at least nothing happened as it usually does. The mayor of Madrid literally El Hormiguero . He ate Pablo Motos Carlos Later the ants, and whatever they had thrown at him.

Few times, if not any, have we seen on Spanish television a politician giving the great and spectacular show that Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida gave last night. She did not need anything more than him, his wit, his naturalness, his humor, and the key to what was seen last night, knowing how to laugh at oneself. What José Luis Martínez-Almeida did in the Pablo Motos program is common to see on American television programs, where politicians are much more used to indulging in television shows. Jose Luis Martinez-AlmeidaHe gave himself completely, he gave himself so much that they could have given him a microphone, planted him in front of a camera, and made the program by himself without anyone else. Please, scriptwriters from Spain, the day Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida retires, you have to give him a chance at de la Comedia.

Many have been those who have tried to do what Jose Luis Martínez-Almeida did last night and never succeeded. When they have wanted to be fun, the funny ones, the good vibes they have always failed miserably, achieving the opposite effect, managing to make a fool of themselves and look like stiff sticks trying to move. Martínez-Almeida, no. Martínez-Almeida got what the others had been looking for for so long. And I think he succeeded because he was not forced or forced to do it, but because he did it being himself, being the José Luis Martínez-Almeida who goes out with his friends, who has a WhatsApp group with friends where they play a game. trivial about politics, being theMartínez-Almeida who doesn’t wear a coat when it’s cold because it’s cooler than an eight.

Not only is it that he accepted to participate without fuss and comfort in everything that was proposed to him in El Hormiguero, but it is also that he gave a lesson that when you show yourself as you are, whether you screw up or not, you earn much more than when you put yourself the disguise of a serious and respectable politician, whose job is only to go on television to release your proclamations and if I have seen you I do not remember. José Luis Martínez-Almeida, do not. Even when he had the opportunity to release them, which is why he is the spokesperson for the main opposition party, he did not allow himself to be carried away by that constraint of which we are so tired. He released them, of course, he released them, that is why he is political, but he is so aware that people already have a hold on the political class that when he did, he did it with humor, knowing what he was doing and without lights or shadows, simply saying it, and point ball.


He walked through the door and the first thing he did was praise an audience that stood up to greet him – let’s see how many politicians today can say that they were received in El Hormiguero with a standing ovation. As he entered, Pablo Motos proposed that, after that tweet that the mayor of Madrid wrote in which he assured that he hoped to be at the level of Pablo Motos and the scorn that there has been with which of the two was taller, both were measure and clear doubts. He did not hesitate for an instant, as he did not doubt anything they released in El Hormiguero.

He stood in the subway, let them measure him, reluctantly accepted the 1.66 meters that came out, and waited for Pablo Motos to do the same. The winner, by two centimeters, was the presenter. I ask for the VAR here, the VAR is needed. Are you sure it’s 1.68? He snapped at Pablo Motos. And the VAR arrived, a meter of those of a lifetime with which it was verified that Pablo Motos is indeed two centimeters taller than the mayor. Then if we talk about the increases that you carry he reproached the presenter with humor. Because as Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida said, he enters Google and the first search that comes out is  Jose Luis Martínez-Almeida’s height and the second Jose Luis Martínez-Almeida girlfriend But the brides will come, all in due time.

When Pablo Motos asked him if he was nervous about going to El Hormiguero, Jose Luis Martínez-Almeida did not hesitate to tell him that it is not a comfortable format for a politician because you don’t know where he is going to go. Politicians need to have control at all times of what is going to happen, how it is going to happen, what is going to happen, and how they can get out of a trap. And El Hormiguero, with some more than others, but with everyone, always has a trap up to its sleeve that usually puts the politician who agrees to sit down in trouble. Only Miguel Ángel Revilla, president of Cantabria, can emerge unscathed and strengthened from each of his numerous visits to El Hormiguero. Now, to this list we must add Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida and, of course, winning by a landslide. If you go to a political program you know what plume to drop, here you are afraid to drop the plume that you shouldn’t he confessed. Well, the plume he chose to release was a great success.

He’s very smart, very smart. In fact, after last night’s visit to El Hormiguero, I am going to venture to say that of all the current politicians, the ones we see every day, those who are in all the serious and all the media, José Luis Martinez -Almeida is the smartest, more than the colored mice. How he controlled El Hormiguero, how he controlled Pablo Motos, how he controlled the times, the questions, the attempts to lock him up, how he controlled Carlos Later and his double, who he literally ate by the legs, how he controlled the ants. It was indescribable and incredible that a politician did what Almeida did.

Pablo Motos wanted the interview to begin first by talking about his most personal part and then get down to business Look at how clever it is that José Luis Martinez-Almeida would have preferred to be talking about the entire interview from his most personal and most intimate side and as usual. When a politician is so clear that it is better to undress than to undress other things it is that there is no fold, there are no two faces, there is no fear of discovering himself or being discovered. There was a moment during the interview that Pablo Motos told him that they had told him that the advisers on his team were a little afraid of him because he was sometimes a little loud. Well, what do you want me to say, give me 100 big mouths like José Luis Martínez-Almeida, before those who never want to leave the script. Almeida is not that he left the script for El Hormiguero last night, it is that he was the one who wrote the script for the program.

How was your first day as mayor? Pablo Motos started the interview. On the first day, you do not know where the light is. Honestly, the first thing I did was go out to eat with my family to celebrate, then I went to the Town Hall and was there until 01.00 hours of the morning. Is that the City Council Madrid is a monster, he replied. Did you screw up in the first few days? He continued. Sure you do. Notice that I made the moratorium on Central Madrid and the judges threw it at me, so imagine, the first one on my forehead. Before others tell you, he already tells you. This is the trick. If you go to a program like for pure entertainment, and you want to show yourself as the perfect politician, you’re going to screw it up. If you go to Hormiguero and you know that if you give one lime and another sand, you will have half the work done.


He had no qualms about even talking about the nicknames that fell on him at the beginning of his term as mayor and that still resonate today. José Luis Martínez-Almeida acknowledged that he knows how to separate the personal from the professional and that he takes it with humor, but he did confess that there was a day that they did leave him touched. He was walking through Madrid and he passed in front of a group of kids, none of them were 18 who when they saw him go by they yelled at him that. And I thought about a child, who is not even 18 years old, and that they have already poisoned him like that. That did leave me touched, he said. Now it does not matter to him, trades, politicians with a peculiar aspect. And he said it, I don’t say it. Being mayor and single can attract attention and more with my physique. There it is.

Pablo Motos wanted to get into the matter and when I say in the matter I mean the matter in which politicians always enter, that if one, that if another, that if Spain, that if one does, that if the other stops doing. Of the 20 or so minutes that the interview lasted, the subject took up very little. Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida did not want that subject. It gave the feeling that he knew that playing another type of game was going to benefit much more than playing the usual game. Indeed, he did not refuse to answer a single question. Not even if Casado named him a spokesman for envy If Pablo Casado had taken me envy, he would not have made me a spokesman. Nothing poisoned as a gift now it’s time for the trial, that what has to be sentenced and whoever has to pay it will pay it to trust Esperanza. As mayor, I am not going to say anything about a judicial process but I hope it ends as soon as possible and that it is best for her or the move to Genoa The Spanish ask us to be exemplary and it is necessary that in a world of the image we who are tired of this, punch the table and change headquarters. The important thing is not the headquarters, it is the PP.

But we have already heard this 1,001 times. What could Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida offer then? Well, simply what it offered. A friendly face, which we have already seen on occasion or other, but without folds or restrictions. The Martínez-Almeida from Madrid who is the mayor of Madrid, but who lives on cans and French omelets, who does not have a girlfriend and offers to have his phone number put on the screen just in case he is lucky, who sleeps in button-down pajamas and stripes, who experienced Sabrina’s tit for about half of Spain and that every day when she gets up, she gets up with a smile “because I think I’m the mayor of Madrid .” “Do you know what honor it is to be mayor of Madrid? You have bad times, but when I wake up I think, how lucky you are.”

The mayor of Madrid realized how hard it is to be mayor of Madrid when he had to deliver the League to Real Madrid and make a speech praising the team that took the Champions League away from his Atlético de Madrid. “I realized how tough politics is when I had to deliver La Liga to Madrid and make a speech praising them. I told Sergio Ramos: ‘You have a good career but I would erase 10 seconds from your life.’ that corner left the rojiblancos without their first Champions League. “My mother never gets angry with me, less at that moment when she looked at me with a face of ‘how much you have disappointed me’ and went to bed”.

He spoke of course about the pandemic, leaving the little notes that we all already know. What if there is no coordination, that if there is no organization, that if it is not logical that there are 17 plans to face the coronavirus crisis and for vaccination, that if who should be applauded is the presidents of the 17 Autonomous Communities who They are eating all this, that if you have to be careful, that if young people have to stop having illegal parties. He spoke of Filomena, of those days without shutting an eye, that the official newsletter of the Aemet gave only an accumulation of 20 centimeters of snow and not 50, as it later was, that he saw people with their skis enjoying and having fun and he just I was thinking that “they don’t know what it means what’s under that snow.” Brief, without more, without leaving the script, because he had not come to talk about his book.

He also had no qualms about even talking about having a brother who appeared for Vox in Soria, “although he is going to return to the common house”, and that when he goes home one of his children does not hesitate to call him the “right coward “:” He tells me that he likes Ortega Smith better because I’m self-conscious. ” Nor did he have any qualms about admitting that his pulse did not tremble or he suffered when agreeing with Vox, nor that the first time he played golf with Esperanza Aguirre he had the audacity to win it and bet 5 euros, which the former president of the Community of Madrid gave him a “for Pepito, the bastard”, nor that he does not have with Pedro SánchezAnd he would be the one to whom he would never give the keys to his apartment, or who would rob a bank with Pablo Iglesias, set up a business with Santiago Abascal, let Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo tie the ropes for him to do bungee jumping, he would go partying with Isabel Díaz Ayuso (“Isa”), would share a flat with Pablo Casado and set up a business with Inés Arrimadas, whom he admires and to whom he left a very clear message, “you have to merge” -this he had prepared.

For Pablo Motos he would have continued talking about his book much longer, he would have turned the interview into a copy of others with other politicians, but José Luis Martínez-Almeida did not let him. It was he who set the pace, it was he who decided that he had not gone to El Hormiguero to talk about forever, it was he who agreed to sit next to Carlos Later and his double, it was he who decided to sing Hey by Julio Iglesias, it was he who decided that if they parodied him, he was going to eat his parody, it was he who entered the game with the greatest naturalness in the world, without being forced, without a bad face, without a bad gesture, having real fun. Because I think the secret of whatJosé Luis Martinez-Almeida did last night at El Hormiguero it was that he was really going to have fun, that he did not think of going to play a fool but believed that the best thing was to control the situation, get charisma -that from that He has a while – and do not only have fun himself, but viewers have fun with a politician.

I live alone. In the kitchen, I am very Latino, made of cans. The most I know how to make is a French omelet. And now for dinner, I take refuge in yogurts. If you open my fridge you get depressed. There are yogurts, eggs, ketchup from McDonald’s, and beers. And on top of that, he sings in the karaokes and sings for Julio Iglesias. There it is. It is Jose Luis Martínez-Almeida  gentlemen, mayor of Madridmany relationships