Thibault Garcia unveils his new song dedicated to Maylone and Jessica Thivenin, the web reacts. For her part, the pretty blonde burst into tears when she discovered the clip. She said: “It’s true that a lot has happened last year and when I see the clip I’m like ‘phew’. I’m very happy and very proud of my husband, it’s great music it’s too good. Even if you live through complicated things, hard times after the storm comes good weather. ” And on her Instagram account, Jessica Thivenin decided to make a very beautiful declaration of love that you can discover just below.

“Thank you for making me smile, for making me happy, and for making me a better person. Even if sometimes you get me drunk and I want to kill you. Together we move forward, we build, we grow … Time goes by and I love you more every day, you, our family, our life. Thank you. You are my husband, my best friend, my brother (no, that’s weird), well you are everything, you understood !”, wrote Jessica Thevenin. And Internet users were more than 350,000 to like this post. On the comments side, almost all of them were touched by Jessica’s post. By the way, the last Instagram photo of Benjamin Samat with Maddy made the web react.