Orna’s new final for Javi Gracia and Valencia. This is how they qualify from the inside the match against Osasuna this Thursday at Mestalla. For the Navarrese coach, born in Pamplona, ​​it is a special match for the rival. But he is also aware of his team’s need for victory. Meanwhile, the month of January is advancing, and with it, the deadlines to reinforce the workforce are being reduced. The manager has revealed two recent meetings with Anil Murthy in which nothing new has been passed on to him regarding signings or reinforcements.

Template availability

except for last-minute surprise, we have the entire template available. Cillessen is still in his recovery, but I think the others can all be available.

Manu Vallejo qualifies the match as a ‘finalist

is the same qualifier we used before Valladolid. In the cup competition we already talked about it in the League, we are all more responsible for each point at stake and in each game. All players are aware of and responsible for the importance of each match.


is the team of my land, my home, my family, and my friends. It is a very special match. I always follow him and wish him the best. He is a rival, like us, very in need of points. He has not been able to win in the league recently, but he has achieved many draws. He is very combative and very committed to the club. Among the variants that they handle, they can play with two tips or just one and three in the center from behind. Given the absences he has on the defensive line, he will incorporate new centers and the team may change in that line. It puts the rival in many difficulties and demands a lot from you.


has no news of any progress with any player. I am focused more on the games than on other things. Any meeting with Murthy? The contact that I had with the president was three days ago in a part of the training and a meeting with him before yesterday if I’m not mistaken. He told me that the club was working, nothing different from what he had told me before. It was informative, they are still working. I think they are interested in strengthening the team and I remain focused on my work.

Skepticism with the market?

You ask me for the information about the meeting and I share what he told me. I have told you that I think there is interest, I am not trying to convey any skepticism. I try to convey the content of the meeting and nothing else. I have already transferred the needs and my position and it is clear. I transmitted the needs and the club will act according to its possibilities.


lives in two competitions no point did any of my priorities or focus on one competition more than another. But we see the concentration of parties. In ten days we play four games and we have to distribute minutes, dose squad and be as competitive as possible in the two competitions. For me, there is nothing more important than the next game. Osasuna one of the most thrashed teams doesn’t know if things later and his casualties and player changes can affect him positively or negatively. For me, they are all valid players. Anyone who has played has done well. I don’t think there is a direct relationship between an absence that can be favorable for us.

Cheryshev, the seventh place

right now I don’t think about what position we’re going to get at the end of the season. I don’t think it’s bad that the players have ambitious goals. It is something that can help and shows the mood of the player and that he looks up. It seems to me that it shows the status of the template. At the current moment, the players feel with that confidence and security that results give, which at another time you do not have. They are dynamics that we have to try to take advantage of and stretch as much as possible.

State of Soler

and PaulistaPaulista has made a great effort to treat himself, he has made a very good recovery Carlos thing is something more recent is a nuisance that arises closer to the party. Carlos has trained, has some discomfort and risks we are not going to run. Gameiro has been training with the team all week.


in the center of the field if nobody comesThe players we have. The most used pair has been Soler and Racic, Vicente Esquerdo, Koba, Wass have entered, who has played on the right-wing and the side. I don’t want to be more precise as to whether Soler is going to be there or not. If you cannot count on it.


is having an evolution similar to that of the majority who gain security, experience makes them all perform better. He acted, then participated less. Then he has played quite a few games in a row because we think we can do it. I see that he is gaining the confidence, security, and substance that the parties give.

The obsession to improve

winning helps you make that improvement work more real and more possible. But the records in terms of goals conceded were excessive and it is something that we must improve. We must be a more solid team that concedes less not just goals but chances.