Jason Jordan is working to return to the ring after a delicate neck injury that has not allowed him to compete again. This has been confirmed by his former partner in the WWE tag team, Chad Gable in an interview for The Bump. Gable has referred to him when asked about a return of American Alpha.

He became one of my best friends and he still is. It’s unfortunate what happened to your injury but never say never. He’s working on it and trying to get back. There is always the possibility of a reunion and that is something that I would never object to, he said.

Gable has had more than good words for Jordan, his friend all this way in WWE. Jason was a huge part of my journey to success in WWE. I would never have gotten into NXT or the main roster if it weren’t for him. I feel so lucky that we have such good chemistry, he explained, remembering and hoping that he would return to the ring if he can.

Jordan’s injury was made in the cervicals, specifically in one of the cervical discs. The seriousness of the situation is due to the fact that it affected her nerves, a point of difficult recovery, causing movement problems, especially in her arms and hands.

Jordan’s last television appearance dates back to February 5, 2018, when his father Kurt Angle, even though he was RAW’s general manager, said that he would send him home for a while, an excuse for the fighter to recover in the following months. . Until then, Jordan continues to do producer duties backstage, helping to create and follow-up matches.