• Hyderabad beat SC East Bengal 3-2 in an Indian Super League match
  • Ariadne Santana shone in Hyderabad FC’s victory, scoring two goals in under a minute

Ariadne Santana scored a goal in two minutes and gave Hyderabad FC a thrilling win over SC East Bengal. Hyderabad defeated SC East Bengal 3-2 in the Indian Super League match on Tuesday. Santana scored two goals in the 56th minute of the match. SC East Bengal scored their first goal in the ISL. Jacques Maghoma scored the first goal for SC East Bengal in the 26th minute.

Hyderabad then made a strong comeback and Liston Colaco scored the third goal in the 68th minute with a pass to Halicharan Narjari. But there was more drama left as Maghoma also scored his second goal with a pass from Anthony Pilkington on a free-kick and narrowed the gap in the 81st minute.

Strong clashes in Hyderabad and East Bengal

SC East Bengal put a lot of effort to equalize, but the Hyderabad defense was strong and managed to stop the strikes of Pilkington and Maghoma. SC East Bengal suffered a fourth defeat in five matches. He occupies the lowest position in the points table with one point. On the other hand, Hyderabad FC, coached by Manuel Marchech, is invincible from five matches and holds the fifth position with 9 points.

SC East Bengal’s goal of scoring in the Indian Super League under the coach of Robbie Faller finally came to an end in the 26th minute of their fifth match when Maghoma punched the ball with a brilliant pass.

Hyderabad played brilliantly in the first half, but the second half was completely named after East Bengal, who also blocked Santana’s spot-kick. The Spanish player changed the entire game in the 56th minute. Hyderabad’s Santana scored the first goal of the match, scoring an excellent header on the free-kick of Mohammed Yasir.

East Bengal would have found some time when Santana, along with Yasir, once again stormed into the opposing camp and scored her second goal after giving it to Colaco to give the team a 2–0 lead. Najarian scored on a brilliant pass from Colaco to score 3–1 in favor of Hyderabad.

10 seconds before the interval, Sehnaaz Singh of East Bengal threw Mohammad Yasi from outside the box. But Debjit Majumdar made a great defense. He dives to his right, stopping Santana’s best spot-kick. Hyderabad, however, made a strong comeback in the second half and scored two goals with two goals from Sentna while East Bengal continued their poor showing.