The Netflix original series Anne with an E was a well-loved staple on the stage since its premiere in 2017. It’s been a yearly must-watch for fans of Anne Shirley-Cuthbert’s narrative which began after Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert shot her in and made Green Gables her property. So, it’s no wonder that fans are clamoring for Anne with an E-season 4.

The coming-of-age drama a season piece unafraid of tackling issues of identity, misuse, neglect, racism, poverty, and despair has been a potent iteration of its source material, the Anne of Green Gables publication show by L.M. Montgomery.

As Miranda de Pencier, an executive producer for the show has said:

There’s no sense in creating a traditional book if you’re not going to make it applicable to the audience. Therefore it was very important for us to find topics that issue for Canadians.

A statement that rings true to anyone seeking to see themselves represented in the context of history and everyday life no matter the season. Anne with an E’s attention to varying walks of life is a significant draw for the series.

How Many Seasons Of Anne With An E Are There?

Presently, all three seasons of Anne with an E are readily available to flow on Netflix. Fans and newcomers alike could trace Anne’s humble beginnings at a rundown orphanage to her blossom into a youthful woman off to school.

How Many Episodes Of Anne With An E Are There?

In general, there are 27 episodes of Anne’s story to see. They operate around 45 minutes long, so if you are interested in bingeing the series or savoring it, then there’s enough material to last you for a while.

The show primarily occurs on Prince Edward Island from the town of Avonlea, but Gilbert’s side of the story takes him to Trinidad, the house of his buddy Bash.

Anne with an E also investigates Charlottetown, the house of Diana’s Aunt Josephine who’s assembled a serene, loving, and secure community for people who don’t fit the straight and narrow box culture has made for them.

In addition to the native community just out of town, the house of Ka’kwet, a new friend of Anne’s in season 3.

Is There Going To Be An Anne With An E Season 4?

Unfortunately, Anne with an E season 4 is not occurring at Netflix. The show was canceled in 2020 after negotiations between the platform and CBC dropped through and also their partnership dissolved. Fans, however, have been battling for the show’s return since the news hit.

Anne Nation, the title Anne with E fans have embraced along with the calling card of this global movement pushing for the series cancellation to be reversed or the show must be picked up by yet another streamer, have organized relentlessly.

From billboards to media policy, the sheer force of their voices has brought so much attention to their origin that nearly 1.5 million people have signed their request to save the show. They even have a site detailing their attempts and their future strategies to keep fighting to deliver Anne with an E back.

So far the winds haven’t shifted and Anne with an E season 3 remains the show’s end but that has not ceased Anne Nation from working tirelessly to reverse the display’s fate. Their inspiration is Anne herself, a young woman who raises her voice for the causes she believes in no matter what.

We’ll keep you posted on any news concerning the possibility of Anne with an E season 4, but for the time being, don’t expect the show’s return in 2021.