Hospital Showcase season 2 episode 2 – Jeongwon (Yoo Yue-Seok), Seohwa, Jun-wan, and Seok Hyeong (Kim Dae­myung) gathered their friends to hear some important news.

Jeongwon admits his guilt over strawberry and ramen for dessert. He encourages them to stay quiet for a while so he can make it all out in hospital Playlist season 2.

He told his friends that he has started dating Shin Hyunbin (Dr. Gyeoul) and that it has been more than a year since they first began to date. Jun-wan realizes Gyeoul is the reason he decided not to leave the hospital. Hospital Playlist series 2.

Jeongwon also confirmed this when asked. Following this, the doctors return back to work. Each doctor will face different medical conditions and must resolve them.

Seohwa and Junwan have a successful surgery. Seok Hyeong, however, loses a baby which makes him temporarily ineligible for Hospital Playlist season 2. Jun ends up having to confront an irresponsible client who, despite a liver donation twice, continues to drink alcohol.

Jun had performed both operations, but it was the family members of the patient who had donated a liver. Jun became frustrated seeing the patient take his family’s help for granted.

Jun becomes frustrated and tells Ikjun that he cannot continue to treat the patient. The patient is shocked, but Ik-jun says that he cannot do anything. He accepts and moves on.

Seok Hyeong and Ik Jun sit down together for a moment to empathize.

Is There Any Chance Of A Romantic Relationship Between Ik-jun And Seo-Hwa In Hospital Playlist Season 2?

Episode 1 Seohwa had warned Ik-jun against revealing his feelings towards his friend. She is not ready at this moment to accept Seo-he’s feelings for her. Their chemistry is still there.

It is so much that you can see the ship continue to sail even when it stops for a second time seeing them interact. Jun sitting outside Seohwa’s desk while Jeongwon talks to her is charming.

Their relationship continues to be a source of pride for audiences, regardless of whether they are friends or if they move on to something more romantic. Seohwa does tend to be suspicious in certain situations.

Hospital Playlist episode 2, Episode 2: Although she was keen to remain friends with Ikjun and her son, she was hesitant when she was asked by a Patient if she would be willing to be set up with him.

This, combined with how happy she looked after receiving the coffee from someone who knew she had had a long day, leads us to believe that there might be something between Seohwa (Hospital Playlist season 2)

The episode didn’t feature Seohwa’s answer. But the fans loved the hesitation. Here are what fans had to say.