Netflix’s delightful, well-written coming-of-age comedy Sex Education was one show whose new season was delayed due to the pandemic. However, the show was able to go back into production in the UK and Netflix has now confirmed that the eight-episode new season will be released this fall.

We don’t know much, but we have gathered a few details over the long hiatus. Ncuti Gatwa, who plays Eric Effiong on the show, stated BAFTA last year that Eric will return “back to culture” more than in previous seasons. Metro reports that Gatwa said, “Those scenes were very unique.” “Just being able to have a set where most people were Black was wonderful and powerful and represented Eric’s culture and family. Those are always extremely profound moments.”

Asa Butterfield, the Otis Milburn character, gave some insight as well. She revealed that the new season will not pick up where season 2 left off. He explained to The Guardian, “There’s a bit more time-jump than the season two finale cliffhanger.” “Otis’ school is back, but he has many other things. He’s grown up a lot and has become slightly sassier… It was fun to showcase his newfound charisma. However, he is still extremely awkward.

Is There A Release Date For Sex Education Season 3?

Yes, finally! Season 3 began filming last year after a pandemic delay. The season will be released on Netflix in September 2021.

Is There A Trailer?

But it’s not yet. The release date is two months away so be sure to keep your eyes open. Netflix has shared a few first looks images from the new series, which you can view in this article.

What Will The Season 3 Storyline Be?

Netflix has released a synopsis of the new season. It promises a new era. Otis is having casual sex after losing his virginity in the last season; Eric is now a boyfriend to Adam after two seasons. Jean is also expecting a child, Aimee is a feminist, and Jackson is in love. Otis had a voicemail, which Maeve was unable to hear because of George Robinson’s meddling Isaac. They’ll get it.

Sex Education 3 Season News?

Netflix uploaded the second season in January 2020 of Sex Education. The premiere was viewed by approximately 40 million households within the first month. This left no room for Netflix to release season 2. Season 2 was announced only twenty days later.

Success is undisputed. But did the second book get the same response? It seems so. Netflix announced that Sex Education season 3 had been renewed just a month following its debut with a video announcement.

Spoiler TV says that the service foresaw a continuation days after the season 2 finale was loaded. Gillian Anderson expressed confidence that the series could continue beyond the third chapter, although we do not have any official information.