Outer Banks Season 2

It has been over a year today since Outer Banks season 1 first debuted on Netflix and with each passing month after the show’s release more enthusiasts are falling in love with all the incredible adolescent drama. With more viewers discovering the show each month, fans are eager to know when Outer Banks season 2 will be arriving and it understandable given season 1 fell in the spring and summer is now quickly approaching.

Debuting in April 2020, the series follows a group of teenagers who find a treasure map that puts them on a trip to unearth the long-buried secret. Season two will find the stakes rising for the Pogues as a fresh experience of a lifetime awaits, one which could prove deadly as they enter uncharted waters.

While the wait has been excruciating, the good news is that we’re inching closer to the yield of Outer Banks. In reality, Netflix has narrowed the window of time in which fans can expect the news season.

Here is what we know about Outer Banks season 2 and its upcoming arrival at this stage.

Outer Banks Season 2

Is Outer Banks Season 2 Coming To Netflix In June 2021?

Outer Banks season 2 does not own a release date yet, but we know that it’s not coming from June 2021. With June approaching, Netflix has introduced the full list of shows and films coming and, unfortunately, Outer Banks season 2 wasn’t on the record of new additions slated to release throughout June.

Release Date

Outer Banks season 2 won’t be coming in June 2021, however the good thing is that fans shouldn’t need to wait a lot longer for the next season of Netflix’s breakout drama!

Although Netflix has not yet confirmed the release date for season two, The series’s second season will release this summer which narrows the timeline rather significantly.

Having a summer release confirmed and June now ruled out of contention, we ought to expect Outer Banks season 2 to release sometime between July and early September.

Considering we do not yet have any big Netflix original shows confirmed for at least one of these months, it’s hard to nail down as soon as the season might fall but a July 2 release could be in drama which would give Netflix a major series for its Fourth of July holiday. Additionally, it is possible we can visit Outer Banks release on September 3 setting up for a Labour Day weekend release.