Fans can’t wait to see Money Heist season 5! The new season is going to be one of the biggest Netflix new releases of the season. And, now we have a pretty good idea about when the season is coming out.

It seems like there is some misinformation out about the Currency Heist season 5 release date. Many fans were hoping to see the season from the spring of 2021.

So, we just wanted to clear up the confusion about the new season and as soon as it’s coming into Netflix.

Is Money Heist Season 5 Delayed?

Yes! Unfortunately, like most of the new shows and movies that were in the works in March 2020 and afterward, Money Heist season 5 was postponed due to the pandemic.

It’s different for each show, so we don’t really know how much earlier we’d have seen the new year. But, it’s quite apparent that filming began much later than normal and manufacturing took considerably longer than we thought.

Money Heist might have been prepared for a spring or summer 2021 release date had the pandemic not occurred. Rather, we are going to have to wait a little bit longer.

Production just wrapped on season 5 in the spring of 2021. Based on that data, the season was definitely delayed about six months. There are more episodes in season 5 (10 episodes), which is two more than in other seasons. That could also explain why production took longer than normal.

With that, we have to assume that production moved a tiny bit slower due to all of the COVID-19 protocols, like daily testing, limited cast and crew, and more.

Money Heist Season 5 Release Date

Money Heist Season 5 is coming into Netflix soon. That is really good news! Fans will just have to be a little bit more individual.

Netflix confirmed Money Heist season 5 is coming in the second half of 2021 (July-December). There have been conflicting reports about whether or not season 5 is arriving in September or shortly after September, however it’s apparent the season is most likely coming around that time.

We believe you’ll be able to watch Money Heist season 5 on Netflix in September or even October 2021. There are usually about six months by the conclusion of creation until a new year is inserted into Netflix. With production wrapping this spring, September or October is definitely a potential for the season 5 release date.

July or August can likely be ruled out as potential release months for 5. There is probably not enough time for your post-production procedure to take place.

I really don’t think we’ll have to wait till November or December to find the new season. Again, it is possible post-production could take quite a while, but I have a feeling they’ve been working extremely hard on obtaining the season out as quickly as possible.

So, for the time being, expect to watch the Money Heist season 5 launch date in September or October!